Heyworth: Zoning Meeting tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

Heyworth is adding information about local government to their website.  Agendas for all meetings should now be posted 48 hours in advance:   http://www.heyworth-il.gov/local_government/index.php

An agenda is not posted for this meeting as required by the Open Meetings Act.  Since it appears Heyworth is trying to inform citizens by expanding available information I will ignore this for now.

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I’m told this meeting will be a second attempt at re-zoning 11 acres from Ag to R-1 for low income housing.  It failed at the previous meeting when R-2 zoning was requested. If citizens don’t show up it will pass.

Heyworth has a better Public Comment policy than the Town of Normal.  The only part that doesn’t comply with the law is requesting your address and if you represent an organization or party.  


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5 thoughts on “Heyworth: Zoning Meeting tonight

  1. In this case, it is a proposed Section 42 development, not Section 8. “The Section 42 housing program refers to that section of the Internal Revenue Tax Code which provides tax credits to investors who build affordable housing. Investors receive a reduction in their tax liability in return for providing affordable housing to people with fixed or lower income.”

  2. There is a similar development in Taylorville, possibly by the same interested party. I know that some board members have taken a trip to view the houses that were constructed.

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