Normal: Your freedom takes a backseat to Climate Change

By: Diane Benjamin

No the science isn’t settled. Real science is never settled. The “science” of Climate Change is computer models and non-scientist Greta Thumburg angrily proclaiming we have 8 years before the world is destroyed. For decades clowns have been claiming the same thing. Predictions have not come true, just stealing your freedom to choose vehicles, lightbulbs, water heaters, stoves etc. Duh kids, that is the point of Climate Change propaganda. Control and power. Go electric so “we” can shut it off or run out when necessary.

Chris Koos is Normal’s Greta Thumberg. He’s believed in Global Cooling, Global Warming, and now Climate Change for decades. He believes it is his responsibility to save Normal from the temperature.

Yes, the Uptown South Master plan bans natural gas. The almost impossible to hear Scott Preston wanting that part removed from the plan, I don’t think he ever mentioned that is illegal. Kathleen Lorenz agreed with him, she stated that isn’t government’s job. Karyn Smith wanted it left in the plan as “aspirational”.

Koos and company think you are dense. He claimed adopting the plan doesn’t codify it. I wonder if Koos heats his house with natural gas. Does Karyn Smith, Chemberly Cummings, and Kevin McCarthy?

If yes they are all hypocrites because they defeated an amendment to remove the natural gas ban from the plan. Do they have gas stoves? The vote was 4-3 with Lorenz, Preston, and Byars wanting it removed because it could limit development.

1:01:20 Kathleen Lorenz sounds more like the guy she didn’t want to work with anymore. (former Trustee)

The final vote to approve the Master Plan was 5-2. Byars switched sides.

Just hit play to hear Koos slurping the Climate Change Koolaid. Nice job Greta:

8 thoughts on “Normal: Your freedom takes a backseat to Climate Change

  1. I agree with Kathleen, the designer overstepped their responsibility when they put language in the design about the source of power for this development. Why would they do that? Maybe someone on the council told them to Mr. Koos?

    Anyway, a pat on the head from Pritzker. Let’s see if Pritzker rewards Koos with anything more in the future.

    Is this a small community development or a step in the building of Chicago South?

  2. The restaurant in downtown Normal where King Koos has his name engraved on a booth cooks with natural gas.

  3. Sit in that booth next time you go in, engrave sucks behind Koos and you’ll be my hero. Send us a pic.

  4. Koos recently publicly stated that he has 2 heat pumps to heat and cool his house. Therefore no natural gas is used to heat house. Koos is a gourmet cook. They usually prefer gas stoves, but I do not know what fuels his stove and water heater.

  5. Banning natural gas is so town staff can get articles written about how liberal Normal is in government magazines. Koos is NOT steering the ship, he is parroting what staff tell him to say.

  6. As someone who lives in a home that is all electric including a heat pump I can tell you that it’s not going to work in Normal Illinois We live in Tennessee where , yes it can get downright cold. The heat pump will go into emergency shutdown, stop working at a certain temperature. With the sub zero temperature Illinois winters ,that heat pump will be off more than it will be running and you’ll freeze if you don’t have a heater or something else to keep it warm. Then there’s the electric bill. In Tennessee we don’t have the dictatorship known as Amren like you do . Your electric bills will be higher than your mortgage payments in winter and higher in summer . I wont even mention EV charging and what it will do, Good luck to everyone who is buying all electric. Your going to need a second or third job just to pay your electric bills

  7. More people should go to Normal council meetings. Where else can you see a professional play for free? Sorry, but Scott and Kathleen, and I expect Andy, are simply engaging in political theater – if they were serious, they would have supported Stan, not bullied him, or called out the bullying. (Sorry, Kathleen’s campaign kick-off stunt of feigning being upset about the bullying doesn’t count – if she were serious there, it would have included an apology to Stan.)

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