Connect Transit EV bus supplier declares bankruptcy

By: Diane Benjamin

Have you noticed CT is “wrapping” the bus windows so you can’t see the bus it 99% empty?

In May Connect Transit wrote Proterra a check for $3,524,229 for more electric buses. I hope they were delivered because Proterra declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy 2 days ago. Good luck getting parts!

Proterra is Biden’s Solyndra. Remember Obama throwing away your money on GREEN?

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm sold her large holding in Proterra just weeks after Biden threw money at them with “green energy” incentives. Biden repeatedly praised Proterra his energy secretary held stock in.


I’ve been writing about Proterra problems since 2019, this story recaps much of what I found:

Cities who had Proterra buses were dumping them. Connect Transit bought them anyway with free taxpayer money. Government doesn’t pay a price for ever being wrong. Government employees who fail get promoted.

One more story:


A California transit official previously said electric buses manufactured by Proterra were melting in the California heat. One electric bus caught fire while it was charging and the agency said the electric buses are just too expensive to fix.

Another green scam goes up in smoke. Literally.

One source told me the electric buses are noisy inside. (air conditioning?) I thought they didn’t make noise but I haven’t ridden on one. Anybody know the truth?

13 thoughts on “Connect Transit EV bus supplier declares bankruptcy

  1. Seriously, is there a greater waste of taxpayer anywhere? Oversized electric buses that will soon be parked behind the bus shed until they can find a way to quietly dispose of them (and their batteries).

    1. I am not a “prepper” or survivalist but I’m beginning to wonder given the worthless leadership we have that fail time after time after time. At some point in the not too distant future it appears we may have look after ourselves? When the rickety social grid they’ve built collapses what will I or my children have to know how to do? I need to figure that out.

      It’s becoming scary to see self righteous leaders looking down their noses at us as they continue to move us into risky infrastructure decisions, mostly to satisfy their political careers, enrich themselves, or just to signal how very virtuous and highly intelligent they are.

      People with real common intelligence see through it. But then we just shrug our shoulders and go on? Who’s the fool?

      These leaders justify any expense by choosing to believe a highly questionable, unproven “scientific” theory that the planet will die in 8-12 years if they don’t save it. Delusional is how I would describe them. I think we follow them at our own peril. The king has no clothes.

      1. I used to be skeptical of the scary global warming / climate change predictions until the rising ocean really did swallow New York City and most of Florida.

  2. We have a group of numbskulls who currently can’t fix a fountain at McGraw Park or put together a water park at o’Neil. Why do we rely on them to run a failed bus system? I don’t know the answer. Maybe we should vote them out! By the way, what ever happened to the looney council person that fled to chicago…must be better corruption there.

  3. Bloomington staff generally are an easy sale , often paying above (!) retail on vehicles – especially on vehicles requiring specialized up-fitting and accessories ..Connect Transit Board is comprised of fossilized happy clappers that simply do not know how much many of these vehicles should cost.

    Wrong type of bus. Wrong Brand of Bus. Wrong Size of Bus. Some Municipal sales account rep probably took his entire extended family to Disney World for a month off the commission from this sale ! And another will do the same as soon these behemoths require replacement.

    Due diligence ? What’s that ?

    Forget these busses , what this town REALLY needs is a Mono-Rail ! 🤑

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