Did Connect Transit throw away $9 million?

By: Diane Benjamin

I was shocked when Connect Transit picked Proterra as their electric bus supplier. It appears the Board members appointed by the mayors of Bloomington and Normal didn’t bother to do a simple Google search. Plenty of stories were easily available detailing the problems with these buses and cities that quit using them because they weren’t performing as advertised.

Maybe CT was told they had to buy from Proterra to get all the free money from government. Proterra got at least $8 billion from the Feds while government buddies heavily invested their own money, interestingly they sold out before the bankruptcy was announced. (Solyndra 2.0)

Link to 2019 and 2021 stories: https://blnnews.com/2021/07/24/connect-transit-tosses-your-money/

Connect Transit’s electric bus supplier declared bankruptcy earlier this month: https://blnnews.com/2023/08/09/connect-transit-ev-bus-supplier-declares-bankruptcy/

Below are some of the payments made to Proterra, I might have missed some:

That is almost $9 million of your money stolen by Climate Change scammers. I’m sure you know the names, Jesse Watters did a report: Since I can tell most of you aren’t watching the video, the scammers are Al Gore, George Soros, and Jennifer Granholm. They all made money courtesy of government. (Your money)

10 thoughts on “Did Connect Transit throw away $9 million?

  1. In the auto industry when a model ends the mfg is required to produce 10 years of spare parts. Not sure, but in the case of a bankruptcy maybe no spare parts are produced so we get a very expensive paper weight.
    We should demand an apology from our elected officials and maybe a lawsuit would be appropriate given that due diligence would have uncovered the real risk of using this company. Either way these people should be held accountable.

  2. Citizens should expect and demand accountability in their government, whose is elected to hear and represent their voices. But what if citizens who don’t vote, they are the majority and are forcing this upon the rest of us who do make an effort. Quite a legacy.

  3. Electric buses…they are not practical, they are not needed, they are a waste of tax dollars, but the CT board still purchases them? I would like to hear their explanation.

  4. The previous CT General Manager, Isaac Thorn, who ordered these buses is long gone. Previous CT Board Chair, Mike McCurdy, left Illinois. CT is an independent, quasi-governmental entity run by appointees. The Mayors, City Managers, and Councils should hold the board’s feet to the fire.

  5. There is no such thing as free money except in the minds of these worthless self serving politicians and in the clowns that vote for these clowns.

  6. Again, Our tax dollars are purposely funneled to friends of the leftist marxists. Solyndra 2.0 is exactly correct.

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