Connect Transit Tosses your money

By: Diane Benjamin

Don’t forget – there is no penalty for stupid government!

Participants just move on to being stupid elsewhere

2019 Story:

BEB is Battery Electric Buses

March 4, 2021 story:

Minneapolis abandoned electric buses for biodiesel


Another story from today:

Quote: One Southern California city’s test run of the Proterra electric buses touted by the Biden administration has backfired.

(same buses Connect Transit ordered)

Moral of the stories:

Electric buses don’t work in cold or heat. Connect Transit doesn’t care, just like socialism – electric buses just haven’t been done right yet. Besides, they have taxpayer funded solar panels ready!

Somebody should ask Connect Transit why they are investing in failed technology? Are they ignorant of the facts or just irresponsible?

They have a meeting on JULY 27TH AT 4:30.








8 thoughts on “Connect Transit Tosses your money

  1. You’ll be transported by electric whether you like it or not. Doesn’t matter it’s public transit or private. Why do you think government has to outlaw the combustion engine and gas like they want to do by what is it 2030 or so? So what if it’s more expensive and unsafe? Crooks have to make money too. In order for the New Green Deal to work it has to forced on you with your tax money. The only people that make money are politicians, Wall Street, Scaringe and Bezos. CT will continue to screw taxpayers and their isn’t a damn thing the little people in BN can do about it. Eat your government cheese and shut up.

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  2. How about an electric SUV,? It’s still too big for present level of ridership. Leads expensive that big busses. A good place to learn.


  3. Yes, but those BIG ASSED decals that cover the whole bus will offset the cost of ANY fires on the course of duty!
    BUT, it STILL won’t bring the $1 MILLION a month we spend on these dinosaurs! WHY don’t we just junk them, and give the “transportation challenged” folks a cab or LIMO ride where they NEED to go, I’m SURE it WOULD be cheaper in the end!!! PLUS they’d have MORE time to WORK, Sleep, eat, Do good deeds for others, mow the lawn, etc.


  4. Spent 10 hours on the interstate today. I saw ONE fully electric car very near Atlanta Georgia. Two possible conclusions.
    1. Electric vehicles are not an option.
    2. If electric cars are forced on Americans, we can no longer take to the roads on long distance trips of our choosing.

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  5. WHAT about US FOLKS who like to go WAY out in the desert with 2+ containers FULL of EXTRA gas and hunt rocks, and BARELY make it back with 40+ gallons??? You can take your EV car AND shovel it in a lightning storm!

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  6. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again…Connect Transit exists for Connect Transit i.e. its “leadership,” employees, and vendors. It does not serve nor care about its core consistency of riders. Case in point…do you think riders would prefer more timely and direct routes or a fancy transfer station in Downtown Bloomington?

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