Charge for rides, rides decrease

By: Diane Benjamin

No financial information is available as of 6/30/21 because it is Connect Transit’s year end. Next month we will know the loss for the year.

Fares went back into affect in June, ridership on the huge buses went down. Was that because rides are no longer free?

Mobility rides are up since they are the same price:

Interesting COVID data on PDF page 23:

PDF page 21:

Kim Foxx, Chicago State’s Attorney, has been releasing accused dangerous felons until trial. So far 29 have committed additional crimes, including murder, while awaiting trial. (Source: John Kass)

Think SB2129 won’t be used to free more dangerous criminals under the guise of Social Justice?

PDF page 5 shows expenses of $1,078,511.30.

3 thoughts on “Charge for rides, rides decrease

  1. The same logic is apparently being applied to the Downtown parking garage. Hey, no one is going Downtown so let’s charge people to park Downtown. Brillant.

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