Communists Right Here!

While the Cuban people are dying for freedom – yes actually dying:

The local freedom-stealers just change their group names to push communism here. Cubans have no dignity or security. These locals want the same for you! Free stuff always sounds great until the free stuff doesn’t exist anymore. How about starting a fund to send them all to Cuba? One-way of course.

7 thoughts on “Communists Right Here!

  1. Joe McCarthy was right, he was just too late.

    Nowadays we stop communist refugees from Cuba because they do believe in freedom would be staunch conservatives while we leave our southern boarder open to anyone wanting a handout figuring they’ll be democrats.

    Oh my, what mess we are in.

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  2. I work with two people who claim to be part of this organization. Their conversations are mainly about the hatred of rich people. The rest is “if only’s”. If only this country did this or if only that country did that then communism will work. The website is the same nonsense. I don’t want shared misery.

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  3. Have any of the members of this group been to Cuba to experience and see with their own eyes the conditions under which the people there all live?? That would be a big NO, or they would be Communism HATERS!
    They live in poverty and ruin, and outward signs and reminders of oppression are everywhere they’re able to go and around anything they are allowed to do!
    I am so sick and tired of the Woke/Liberals/Socialists/Communists who think they need to “save” our country. When, instead, it doesn’t need “saved”. Their brain-washed activism is causing ruination of what has already been, at great effort and sacrifices, achieved and appreciated. THEY are destroying our country!
    I hope (and pray) all the fools who have joined this despicable organization, and the radical (racist) leftist agenda, educate themselves with all the true facts of history and wake the hell up.

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