Bloomington Council tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

On the Consent Agenda:

  • Ordering a new ambulance ($284,444.00)
  • upgrading the City’s Voice Over Internet Protocol (3 yr cost $117,266.71)
  • receiving $70,000 to demolish abandoned properties from Il Housing Authority
  • Zoo is proceeding with a South American Exhibit – all grant money $1,000,000
  • The Grove will get another 33 lots

Didn’t the Council vote a few years ago to undersize water connections to discourage new lots to the north? Who could have anticipated a housing shortage?

Regular Agenda:

The area participants in the Enterprise Zone must be trying to standardize incentives. McLean County, Ford County, Bloomington, and Normal make up the participants. The Zone Administrator will be the head of the Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council.

PDF page 198:

Capitalism has been replaced by government picking winners and losers. At least the highest handouts won’t determine where economic development occurs. A long written description of the Enterprise Zone is included, a map would have been easier to understand.


If the residents affected thought government was here to help, this is proof they aren’t capable. They move slow hoping you will have fixed your own problems by the time they make a decision. Of course, the sewer system is their fault and they need to make it a priority now! Citizens need to keep demanding it at meetings. Emails can and will be ignored. Maybe we will find out tonight if future work will be moved up.

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