Fly on the Wall: BNTU

Word is the disgruntled B-N Tenants Union is demanding Jenn gets to keep her seat without living in her Ward.

They think landlords refused to rent to her, thus subverting democracy. Instead of celebrating Carrillo’s achieving the American Dream of home ownership, they anonymously demand the City Council change the law.

Maybe they will show their faces at Public Comment tonight! Get the popcorn ready.

I wonder if Carrillo and the other tenant paid rent during the “no eviction” 15 months or so. Maybe that’s why the house was sold. Who would want to be a landlord paying the mortgage, taxes, and repairs without any income?

16 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: BNTU

  1. Speaks volumes that she couldn’t find an “affordable” apartment to rent on the west side…but could afford to BUY A HOUSE. If you’re going to lie, at least make it plausible.

  2. GLAD she isn’t MY neighbor! MAybe her AND Craybill ought to get a house in the country! Say, Venezuela.

  3. “They (think) landlords refused to rent to her” The operative word here is “Think” No one knows! Is this gonna be applied to any Council member that moves??? Hmmmmm

  4. One word on the actions of the BNTU – Typical. And yes, it’s rather interesting that she could afford to buy but not rent.

  5. Actually, Diane, nothing the TU said had anything at all to do with Jenn, let alone any kind of demand that they get their seat on the council back; that situation is a bygone. The only connection is that their situation brought to their attention fundamental problem with the way the rules are set up, and the TU is asking that that problem be fixed *going forward*.

    Do you think landlords (or residence fires, floods, etc.) should have the power to overturn elections?
    That is what they were talking about, not advocating specifically for Jenn in any way. Nothing that was said would lend one to think otherwise. This blog post of yours is a clear case of you fabricating something entirely fictional and pulling a fight that doesn’t exist out of thin air.

      1. I did. Now you’re using lazy assumptions to back up your all-out lies? Seems par for your course…

  6. Jenn chose to move out of Ward 6. There are affordable rentals, she chose not to stay. Personal responsibility is clearly not something this group understands.

  7. Are you seriously being this disingenuous, right now? Even everything Jenn said was pointing to the fact that no one is demanding that they retain their seat (as this blog post of yours starts out, in big bold letters), but that the bigger issue needs to be addressed.
    Do you have THIS low of an opinion of your readers that you even think you’re being sly (or not ridiculously transparent)?
    Nice clown shoes gymnastics.

  8. it’s really simple, you must live in the Ward you are elected by and represent! Jen is not the first or the last person this will affect. There are approximately 2,750 homes in each ward, and she couldn’t find one?

  9. Dianne that is literally not at all what they were actually advocating for, did you even listen to the meeting? Your first statement isn’t even true, have you bothered to even try journalism and ask questions before assuming? The situation that happened with Jenn was obviously what pointed out the problem, but it has nothing to do with them. Do you think people should lose their seats over accidents? Are you advocating that the will of the voters should be overturned if someone had a house fire? Or a flood? Why don’t you respect the most core tenet of this country: our democracy.

  10. There are rentals and homes for sale in Jenn’s ward. She chose not to move into one of them. The reason could be she did not like them or she did not want to pay the rent or purchase price. Jenn chose her job. If she wants more money to afford a pricier home then it is her responsibility to find a better paying job or work harder to advance sooner. This is 100% on her. It is BS that somehow it is society’s fault she chooses to work where she gets paid less than what she wants. There is a labor shortage and I see un-filled $30/hr unskilled positions.

  11. This is laughable
    Fact: No such thing as a tenant union.
    Fact: You can refer to the Landlord and Tenants Right Act, but no tenants union will ever be recognized. Bunch of bafoons.
    Jenn…HER landlord, the owner of the property, sold the residence. She was not evicted. There was no fire, no flood, no domestic abuse. She had AMPLE time to figure it out but as always, she failed to do so. She has zero backing. No one wants her on the council. Who is making whose life a living hell? Oh yes, we the people. We are not changing laws to meet the need of HER. She would have been voted out. Go on Jenn…live your best life in your new home you purchased.

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