2 more things from Bloomington last night

By: Diane Benjamin

Mboka should be ashamed of himself for re-appointments made last night. Instead interviewing candidates that I know applied to fill expiring terms, he re-appointed Tari Renner’s picks. It’s a sad day for Bloomington when people who haven’t been involved aren’t allowed to even meet with the mayor. How about some people that represent more of the city Mboka? Renner’s pick didn’t. I expect better when you appoint someone to Ward 1.

See PDF page 30 and 31 for the LONG list: http://bloomingtonil.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=1&ID=1166&Inline=True

It looks like Tim Gleason is making deals with aldermen to get what he wants. Mollie Ward confirmed that last night. Just hit play:

Ward voted for Quik Trip only because Gleason made a commitment to her to use the video gaming revenue in “creative ways” in the community and she’s holding Gleason to it.

Pay to Play Gleason? Backroom deals just to get what you want? Typical Illinois corruption, giveaways in secret for votes. If Mollie Ward was lying, issue a press release.

One more note: Your roads are despicable. Thanks for under-budgeting resurfacing yet again.







6 thoughts on “2 more things from Bloomington last night

  1. so people were complaining about the new gas station even though they were paying for their own infrastructure, yet did any complain about the “gifts” the CII redeveloper is getting in detriment to taxes being paid to D87? When are the owners of Front and Center ever going to be charged taxes at market value?

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