Expect painful bills

By: Diane Benjamin


I’m only posting this section of the Bloomington website because it will soon disappear. It shows the electricity rate residents are paying now if they didn’t opt out of municipal aggregation:

Remember .0433

(4.33 cents)

Since this agreement expires in June the City negotiated a new 3 year contract: https://www.cityblm.org/Home/Components/News/News/8945/18

The Stone River Group LLC secured a rate of $0.07895 for three years.

The citizens of Bloomington will be paying

almost twice

as much as they are now for electricity!

.0433 is going to .07895

If you want 100% renewable energy, you can opt in for a staggering .08324 per kwh. (Per letter sent to residents)

If you click the new contract link above, Bloomington compared the new rate to what Ameren will be charging (even higher) instead of to what you are paying now.

Remember this gem buried in a March 2022 packet? https://blnnews.com/2022/03/14/bloomington-tonight-truth/

Why is this happening?

I found this in the documentation for Normal from August 2019: https://blnnews.com/2019/08/30/normal-corporate-welfare/

Guess what the rates will be when all vehicles are required to be electric?

Replacing cheap energy with EXPENSIVE wind and solar might make people think they are saving the planet. The real effect is crushing the poor. The middle class will have less disposable income which means the predicted recession is close.

The Climate Change hoax is having the intended affect: making the rich richer and everybody else poorer.

Get some facts, even though it’s already too late to save your wallet from destruction:









21 thoughts on “Expect painful bills

  1. Always seemed so strange that we are “automatically” enrolled into their program UNLESS we take action to opt out. As arranged by “our government” for “our benefit” Yeah – Right!


  2. So gasoline and natural gas are “cheap” now?

    You’ve been complaining about the prices

    BTW neither wind nor solar cost anything


      1. The Normal Council was well aware that their 5% utility tax was going to be a windfall since natural gas rates had doubled and natural gas generation replaced coal generation of electric. While keeping the property tax rate the same, they knew assessed valuation was going to go up to increase significantly. Therefore property tax revenue will also increase significantly. No increase in revenue is ever enough for taxing bodies in Illinois. Illinois is number one of the 50 states with respect to tax burden and we lead in people moving out of the state. What a surprise.
        FYI. Pekin, has no utility tax on gas and electric.

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    1. Wind & solar cheaper? These two sources of electricity cost a lot more to produce electricity than fossil fuel plants. Renewable are less energy dense and require more real-estate and equipment. This extra equipment requires maintenance. Typical lib tard wouldn’t understand thermodynamics and the econimices behind renewables.

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  3. Constant unnecessary wars use way more energy and do way more destruction to the planet than us mere citizens will do in a thousand years. Not to mention the planned obsolescence of manufactured goods, nefarious use of weather manipulation, etc.


      1. Don’t forget nuclear. It has the highest energy density. It is cleaner than wind or solar. Where do the lib tards think solar are made from? They’re made from rare earth metals that are mainly sourced from China and Russia. What happens to these solar panels after they wear out? Who’s landfill gets the panels?


  4. When my power goes out an Ameren truck shows up to restore my power not someone from Stone River Group. They are an aggregation company that takes a rake from power bills by making people feel guilty about where their power comes from. I opt out of this every time because I want my money to go to those that actually generate and deliver the power to me, regardless of cost.

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    1. Yes Ameren delivers the energy but as result of the residential deregulation bill, Ameren does not generate the electricity and if they did, they would have to sell it at cost and make no money on it.


  5. In my 60+ yrs I have witnessed the destruction of the middle class and it still continues. My parents in the 50’s, 60’s and into the 70’s earned a modest income and was able to save and purchase items at a reasonable price.

    Today we are lied to by the government and anything they touch they ruin. De-regulate the phone and electric companies…. lied to about reduced rates with more competition. Instead what we have are landlines being taxed to death, cell phone companies forcing you to go to 5G devices at a you can bet a higher cost. The FCC sat on their rear end and did nothing. Analog TV went HDTV when the government sold the airwaves to none other than the cell phone companies. Everyone was almost forced to go to HDTV. Ever try to get reception during a storm for tornado info? Now we have a government trying to force you to buy EV’s. Use the state lottery to pay for schools, street maintenance, etc. lied to again.

    Ever wonder why the Jan 6 riot came about. Well duh who could have not imagined that one coming. A federal government handing out foreign aid at some astronomical figures and we the people pay for it! Good Lord we have senior citizens debating eating dog food verses buying medication! One messed up country for sure!

    Like I said anything the government touches you can bet you will be skrewed! .

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  6. On the city site it shows the number you mention, .07895, which is higher than current rate but Ameren’s rate as of June 1 will be .0946 through September when it goes to .11502 so it seems like the aggregation will save people money


      1. What game? Rates are going up for everyone. Amerens will be higher than the aggregation locked in rate. If you opt in and then ameren rates drop you can then opt out of the program but cannot opt back in if ameren rates increase again.


  7. I didn’t say rates would be going down. To your point why would you not opt in since you will pay less than if you opt out?


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