Expect painful bills

By: Diane Benjamin https://www.cityblm.org/government/city-council/municipal-electric-aggregation I’m only posting this section of the Bloomington website because it will soon disappear. It shows the electricity rate residents are paying now if they didn’t opt out of municipal aggregation: Remember .0433 (4.33 cents) Since this agreement expires in June the City negotiated a new 3 year contract: https://www.cityblm.org/Home/Components/News/News/8945/18 The […]

More Monday Jocularity

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner received thousands of dollars from unions for his April election – including this one: See PDF page 120 for details of the Public Safety and Civilian Review Board:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=14322 This Board will be approved because of the “feel good” Council, but it will be completely meaningless by design.  The documentation […]

Most Bloomington Council Members clueless

Update:  They passed to contract with Good Energy and add the maximum renewable.  Also they approved their cut.  Government run electricity – congrats Bloomington. by:  Diane Benjamin Tonight the Bloomington City Council will approve a contract with Good Energy to start the aggregation process.  As explained previously (http://blnnews.com/2012/12/18/aggregation-follow-the-money/), Ameren is out to recapture the monopoly they have […]


ELECTRICITY COMPETITION SAVED ILLINOISANS $218M IN 2012, BUT LONG-TERM UNCERTAIN Electricity competition saved Illinoisans up to $218 million in 2012, but power suppliers get an overall grade of “incomplete” for reports of misleading pitches, a lack of innovation, and the looming question of whether they can offer savings after a major market shift this summer, […]

Historically low energy prices can’t last

by Diane Benjamin If you get electricity from a co-op like CornBelt Electric, you probably get Illinois County Living magazine every month.  The October Edition has a scary commentary – title is the the same as this post.  It was written by Mark Pruitt, former Director of the Illinois Power Agency, currently with Power Bureau , LLC, […]