Bloomington tonight: TRUTH!

By: Diane Benjamin

PDF page 114:

Are you ready for electricity rates to double?

How are your natural gas bills going? Government interference in the markets because of PRETEND Climate Change has only 1 goal: bankrupt you:

When nuclear power plants can’t be built which would produce cheaper electricity than solar panels and wind turbines, you get to pay more.

In the past the Council has contracted for “green energy”, this year they can not be allowed to pretend you can afford it when rates will more than double if they demand GREEN. I suggest you contract your alderman, especially the leftist who actually believe what they are told instead of actual facts.

You might want to skip that electric vehicle too. Without increasing the supply of electricity rates will keep rising. Eventually brown and blackouts will occur which means you won’t be able to charge that green technology. Of course, everybody could go to the Normal parking garage where you can charge your vehicle for free. I hope you can find something to do for at least few hours. This isn’t the 5 minutes it takes to put gas in your vehicle.

See this report if you haven’t figured out the scam yet:

PDF page 125 – Good idea!

The big item on the Regular Agenda is budget discussions.

See Book 1 and 2 here:

Tim Gleason will also give an accomplishments report for last year. I wonder if having reserves far above the 15-17% which used to be normal will be included.








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