Bloomington: You deserve reports!

By: Diane Benjamin’

I think the Grossinger Motors naming rights expire next year. It was a 5 year agreement in June of 2017. Expect something really original like Bloomington Arena to replace it. Of course that means new signage. Maybe the City can just paint the name on the building instead (don’t hold your breath).

The Coliseum has been used for sporting events which isn’t a bad use of the building. The City doesn’t have to invest in shows that may or may not make money. These events will never pay for the building, but the City probably thinks it brings visitors to Bloomington and people downtown.

Bloomington doesn’t think they have to let you know if any of these events made money:

It’s the middle of March and a tab for 2022 hasn’t even been created on the Arena reports page:

Check the arena website, no shows are booked:

No Shows booked at the Arena

More news:

Congrats taxpayers! BCPA events haven’t been reported since the last time a FOIA’d the event reports:

There have been a lot of shows since then. Seriously Bloomington, it takes a FOIA to get reports?

Are the losses that bad?

Nobody at the City cares about profit/loss from their two biggest fleeces?








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