Planning Commission: soccer and the electric vehicle myth

By: Diane Benjamin

Bloomington Planning Commission packet from April 6th:

This meeting was not on video because it was held in the Osbourne room of the Police Station.

If all new vehicles will soon be required to be electric, why would anyone build this:

This was on the agenda, it will be around Market Street and Wylie Drive. It appears the City is all for it since it’s economic development.

Maybe developers know all electric isn’t going to happen because there isn’t enough electricity to do it and the cost of electricity is expected to almost double:

The discussion might have been interesting, some area residents were opposed. Maybe that’s why there isn’t any video. This passed, there was only 1 NO vote. I hear that vote was because the City will be on the hook for infrastructure.

Other agenda item:

The airport soccer teams might finally have a home. See this story:

Right now is appears no taxpayer dollars are involved but they might be if Bloomington has to pay for any infrastructure improvements since the property was annexed.

As a review:

Community Fields at the Airport didn’t have to relocate because of danger, the FAA wanted airport related development instead – clear back in 1994:

In 2013 a large group tried to get taxpayers to fund a Community Center and Soccer Complex – a mere $32 million. See the link above. They perpetuated the “dangerous” talking points. That was obviously false since the FAA kept extending the lease and the documents I received never said that. This group wanted a Sales Tax increase to fund both.

In 2018 a Sports Complex was presented, of course with government money. This time it was estimated to cost $43 million. It died because even the hired advisor said it would never break even:

In 2020 a Press Release stated building a complex in North Normal was the new plan:

That plan also failed.

This is why the organizers were at the Planning Commission on Wednesday with a new plan for the Sale Barn property. 28 years after the FAA wanted the complex at the airport gone, it looks like an affordable solution has finally been found. It will be a slam dunk when it comes to Council.

2 thoughts on “Planning Commission: soccer and the electric vehicle myth

  1. Embracing EV’s without expanding nuclear energy production is like spitting into the wind.

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