Just because it’s Friday: Tammy Duckworth

By: Diane Benjamin

I contacted Sen Tammy Duckworth when the left was pushing for legislation enshrining Roe v Wade in Law. This was her response – she wants abortion decisions to remain between a woman and her doctor:

I email her again a few weeks later about mandatory vaccines enforced by OSHA. Unlike abortion, she doesn’t believe deciding to take a vaccine should be between the employee and their doctor. She believes she needs to protect employees (unlike the life above). Even though the vaccine:

  • is still listed as experimental
  • there is a long list of possible adverse affects from getting jabbed
  • the vaccine has proven not to prevent COVID
  • and the death rate is extremely low unless multiple pre-existing conditions exist

Duckworth thinks she has the responsibility to play doctor.

Duckworth will be on the ballot in November.

Those who would give up essential liberty,

to purchase a little temporary safety,

deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

16 thoughts on “Just because it’s Friday: Tammy Duckworth

  1. Abortion isn’t in the constitution, so it should be up to the states per the 10th amendment. If we left most issues up to states instead of being centrally mandated out of Washington most people would be a lot happier.

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  2. Who is she running against?

    Apr 8, 2022 11:27:35 AM BlnNews :

    > Diane Benjamin – editor posted: ” By: Diane Benjamin I contacted Sen Tammy Duckworth when the left was pushing for legislation enshrining Roe v Wade in Law. This was her response – she wants abortion decisions to remain between a woman and her doctor: I email her again a few ” > >


    1. As Diane said, have to wait until the primary is decided but hopefully, Peggy Hubbard, we need a Peggy Hubbard type and definitely not some milk-toast RINO to go up against Duckworthless. Peggy WAS a Democrat and she woke up a good while ago (the Ferguson Riots and the response and behaviors from the left was her full blown breakaway moment) and as some of you know, the people who have truly left that mess know them inside and out and are now some the absolute strongest members of the Right. Also, Peggy is the most “real people” politician/candidate I have ever personally met and that goes a long way with me.


  3. Roe v. Wade has been the law of the land since 1973. The landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in which the Court ruled that the Constitution of the United States protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restriction. Seven in 10 women who have had an abortion identify as a Christian, according to a 2015 Lifeway Research study sponsored by Care Net, a nonprofit organization supporting pregnancy centers across North America. The 70% of women who’ve had abortions that self-identify as a Christian includes Catholics (27%), Protestants (26%), non-denominational (15%), and Orthodox (2%).

    Gallup polls show Americans’ support for abortion in all or most cases at 80% in May, only sightly higher than in 1975 (76%), and the Pew Research Center finds 59% of adults believe abortion should be legal, compared to 60% in 1995—though there has been fluctuation, with support dropping to a low of 47% in 2009. If a right is taken away, many women will go to the polls and vote Republican out. Banning abortion does NOT have wide support.

    In a pandemic that has seen 984,571 people die in this country, the most of any country, and the nineteenth-highest per capita worldwide. COVID-19 is the deadliest pandemic in U.S. history eclipsing the 1918 pandemic. Being against vaccines is pure lunacy. But that’s been this blogger’s stance from the beginning of the pandemic. Anti-science, anti-medicine are part and parcel of what Ms. Benjamin traffics in which includes constant misinformation and disinformation campaign. If more people had vaccines, then the mandates would not be necessary. They did in fact contribute to some of the herd immunity this country need to climb out of the pandemic. Ms Benjamin is wrong about abortion and wrong about vaccines and mandates.


      1. I’m indoctrinated? Isn’t forcing women to have babies they don’t want fascist? Isn’t forcing your very rigid religious views on to others indoctrination? That’s the very definition of indoctrination. States like Texas are enacting laws were neighbors turn in those who are having abortions. That happened in NAZI Germany. You’re the one doing the “indoctrination” not me. Keep you’re far extremist religious to yourself. If you don’t want an abortion don’t have one. With people like you it’s all about the fetus and the fetus alone. After the baby is born, mom and baby are on their own. In other words you’re a hypocrite.

        That’s double for your misinformation on the coronavirus and the vaccine. The vaccine
        saved 2 million lives and kept 17 million people out of the hospital.


  4. Since 1973, I, like many others, fell for the old “it’s between a woman and her doctor” routine
    that most pro-abortion advocates spew. Until I got to know quite a few of them while being
    employed at a university.

    In public, most, if not all, will spout the “it’s between” mantra but in private, many of them will share
    that it’s really not about women’s rights. It’s about their tax money being spent to “raise someone
    else’s kid”. It’s shocking when you hear that come out of the mouth of what is typically a leftist
    and particularly a feminist but after the fifth or sixth time you come to realize that it’s really
    all about money. Spouting women’s rights is at best a cover…a lie to gloss over the truth.

    I am willing to bet there are many others who have had the same experience.


  5. While I tend to disagree with most of the ground-thumping, fist-waving, archaic symbolism, and ignorance toward science and culture, I do declare that life is the one right God, our Father has granted us. It is granted, not earned. It should be protected, not provoked.

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  6. Well I can’t believe Duckworth even responded to you! I have called and emailed her office many times and requested a response and never received one until last week when I blasted her about the Supreme Court nominee. I can’t wait till the women who can define what a women is has to give an opinion on the 19th amendment for a womens right to vote let alone her leniency on child pornography and molestation criminals. Tammy and her staff hidden behind COVID like total fear mongers. They don’t come into the office they WFH and rarely respond so are we paying her for? However you call most senators and representatives offices and you get a live human that answers so what is her excuse? She needs to go and we need to support whoever is running against her.
    As far as the idiot above I agree with Diane. Ignorance and indoctrination is bliss. People these days have literally no critical thinking skills. It’s scary!

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