Just because it’s Friday: Tammy Duckworth

Why Duckworth should not be reelected!


By: Diane Benjamin

I contacted Sen Tammy Duckworth when the left was pushing for legislation enshrining Roe v Wade in Law. This was her response – she wants abortion decisions to remain between a woman and her doctor:

I email her again a few weeks later about mandatory vaccines enforced by OSHA. Unlike abortion, she doesn’t believe deciding to take a vaccine should be between the employee and their doctor. She believes she needs to protect employees (unlike the life above). Even though the vaccine:

  • is still listed as experimental
  • there is a long list of possible adverse affects from getting jabbed
  • the vaccine has proven not to prevent COVID
  • and the death rate is extremely low unless multiple pre-existing conditions exist

Duckworth thinks she has the responsibility to play doctor.

Duckworth will be on the ballot in November.

Those who would give up essential liberty,

to purchase a little…

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3 thoughts on “Just because it’s Friday: Tammy Duckworth

  1. Peggy often referred to her as “Duckworthless” and that is an apt description, but the vote blue no matter who crowd here in Illinois doesn’t care. They think she is stunning and brave…..


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