This is what Green Weenies are doing to all of us:

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader I updated this story from yesterday, a CO2 pipeline in Mississippi did break, a small town had to be evacuated. Capturing CO2 with no place to store it is STUPID. Below is what happens when Climate Change clowns close coal fired power plants with no way to replace […]

Expect painful bills

By: Diane Benjamin I’m only posting this section of the Bloomington website because it will soon disappear. It shows the electricity rate residents are paying now if they didn’t opt out of municipal aggregation: Remember .0433 (4.33 cents) Since this agreement expires in June the City negotiated a new 3 year contract: The […]

Happy Earth Day Suckers!

By:  Diane Benjamin The First Earth Day was in 1970.  One of the organizers was a now convicted murder Ira Einhorn, but I digress.  Below are what they predicted:  (Don’t miss 11 and 13) Behold the coming apocalypse as predicted on and around Earth Day, 1970: “Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless […]

Clinton nuclear plant on the chopping block

Goodbye cheap electricity! 12 nuclear plants on the chopping block These aging reactors are most at risk of an early demise as the nuclear power industry struggles to compete in America’s new energy landscape. By Bruce Kennedy, MSN Money Clinton — Clinton, Ill. On its website, Exelon (EXC) describes its Clinton Power Station in Illinois as one of […]

Aggregation: Follow the Money Update!

Citizens of Normal have received their “Opt Out” letter from the Town of Normal.  Check the rates they listed against your last bill.  I hear they don’t match!  One resident reported the rate you are currently paying is much less than the Town reported in the letter.  As reported, this aggregation gives the monopoly back […]

YOU don’t need government getting electric rates reduced for you!

Bloomington and Normal both DEFEATED electric aggregation in March for numerous reasons. The biggest being:  Nobody informed the voters it would be on the ballot!  It was cutely worded to make people think the “government is looking out for you”. Bunk. Did they inform you THEY would make money too?  Did they tell you it […]