UPDATE: Ever heard of CO2 Pipelines?

A CO2 pipeline in Mississippi did break: https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/money/agriculture/2022/09/11/here-minute-details-2020-mississippi-co-2-pipeline-leak-rupture-denbury-gulf-coast/8015510001/

A reader emailed me that landowners in McLean County have been contacted about allowing CO2 to be stored in rock beneath their property. NONE have agreed to this scheme. Another reader told me a leak could affect the Mahomet Aquifer.

By: Diane Benjamin

If you haven’t you should. The Climate Change pushers want ethanol and fertilizer producers to capture CO2 and transport it to storage facilities. Concentrated CO2 can kill people.

See this website: https://noillinoisco2pipelines.org/

If the pipeline touches McLean County is will only be in the very south part. A zoning meeting was held two days ago in Logan County. A guy opposed the pipeline there was removed from the meeting without cause. More on that later if the audio is available.

This isn’t about climate, it’s about money. Landowners need to fight back now!

China and India are doing nothing to control CO2 emissions, the US rate has been declining for years. A pipeline full of CO2 that is capable of killing a lot of people if it ruptures isn’t worth building. Plant more trees, they will capture it for you.





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  1. A very high concentration of CO2 from a failed pipeline can displace oxygen in the air. If less oxygen is available to breathe, symptoms such as rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, clumsiness, emotional upsets and fatigue can result. As less oxygen becomes available, nausea and vomiting, collapse, convulsions, coma and death can occur.

  2. The fact that you don’t know the difference between Carbon monoxide and Carbon dioxide is comical. Since CO2 is part of the cycle of life, you probably have a lot of CO2 in you house right this minute, it not going to kill you anytime soon.
    There are many CO2 capture technologies here one without the hysteria by an MIT scientist.


    1. Tim – You are correct regarding CO2 vs CO, but that is naturally occurring CO2. The effects of a burst pipeline would be more long the lines of the post above from DO TELL.
      But until there Is a burst or severely leaking pipeline, the real issue is that this is an expensive solution in search of a problem. I, like many people, used to think ‘global warming’ was a load of bs until just as predicted, we lost Florida and NYC to rising sea levels. Oh, wait… So then they started calling it ‘climate change’. Yes, climate change is real. Without it, the Earth would likely be a lifeless ball of magma. Without it, iirc we here in central IL would potentially be sitting under an ocean, or a huge glacier, or running away from dinosaurs. Yes, dinosaurs were killed off by climate change – and not because they didn’t drive electric cars or build CO2 pipelines.
      Until climate alarmists start boycotting Chinese goods and companies with Indian call centers to force lower CO2 emissions WorldWide, they are at best not very well informed and at worst evil opportunists preying on the emptiness of others lives.

      1. There are a lot of things more deadly than a burst CO2 line like farm waste and oil pipeline leaks and spills. Even chemical pipeline spills are more deadly
        1. Global warming is causing climate change. You’re wrong in that the
        change now is fast and accelerating. In the geological past climate change
        took hundreds of thousand of years. 2. When the climate changed swiftly in
        the past, it followed mass extinctions of life on Earth. There have been six mass extinction on Earth as to this date.

        The dinosaurs were not killed off by climate change but by an asteroid slamming into the Earth 65 million years ago. That event decimated life for hundreds of thousands of years. It was like an atomic bomb had been
        dropped on Earth.

        So according to you and the blogger the United States can’t innovate, invent or solve problems. We have to wait for the Chinese to solve those problems. The United States just throws up its arms and gives up.

        Then people like you will be saying why did the Chinese come up with all the innovate ways to capture CO2? Why is India the world’s expert on clean water? Where did all the American ingenuity go to……..Such short-sightedness

  3. Of course our climate is changing……as pointed out it always has. I think it is absurdly arrogant to think we can stop that. Especially when we fail to acknowledge the root cause of all our problems. People. Over population. Why we are so insistent on over populating our world is a puzzlement. If we cut our world population in half all these issues would be resolved. We should stop trying to extend life for no good reason……put a moratorium on medical research. Stop with vaccines, let nature take its course…….she will anyway, eventually.

  4. “Other than there hasn’t been any warming in at least a decade and every prediction since the 70’s has been wrong, believe what you want.” Wrong

    This summer saw temperature in 108 in Paris, 104 degrees in London. There were heat fires
    burning down houses London. Forest fires in Spain, France with triple digit heat. Our Northwest saw triple digit heat and forest fires that burnt down entire neighborhoods. The Southwest is in
    an historical drought, the Colorado River is in danger. Lake Mead is shrinking. The Hoover Dam is
    in danger of not being able to generate electricity because of lack of water. Temperatures have been trending up. Global warming has continued, unchanged, since the 1970. You’re claim is factually wrong.

    Both NASA and NOAA report 2014 as the hottest year on record. Despite the new #1, neither the
    news itself nor the response to it has surprise. The news that last year was so hot is certainly no surprise.

    The simple reason is that for the last 15 or 20 years, let’s say since the turn of the
    millenium just to be specific — you know, since back when we expected global warming to
    continue without slowing down — global warming has continued and shows no sign of slowing

    As a matter of fact, according to the NASA data this year is dead on the projection we would
    have made back then by using the “global warming continues without slowing down” hypothesis.
    By the time 1999 came to a close, a warming trend was abundantly clear it’s getting hotter.

      1. Measured by “concrete”? What the heck are you talking about? In Europe
        temperatures of over 100 degrees were until recently were unheard of. Most
        people in Europe don’t even have air conditioning because the hottest it gets
        in the summer there is around 85. The temperatures extended to the countryside causing explosive forest fire in France and Spain.
        Even more concerning is the melting of the tundra in Alaska and the Canadian Yukon. That means the release of even
        more serious green house gas methane.

        Sorry you don’t have the expertise to claim Climate change is a hoax. You have
        not published anything in a peer review scientific journal. Both NASA and NOAA have done extensive research into climate change. The fact is that the Defense Department considers the threat of climate change the is the great challenge. There are many technologies that will be used to capture and
        convert CO2, we as a country have to innovate. We certainly shouldn’t wait for China……

          1. Tim Craig…….get educated. Research the time cycles of climate. Of the earth. The changes of the past. Research has shown many different climates than we see today. Warmer. Cooler. Life lives. Life dies. Maybe man will join the millions of extinct species. Maybe not. Only God knows. What make you think we, as mankind, deserve to live beyond our time?

  5. The ruptured pipeline had NOTHING to with CO2 capture technology. In Startia Mississippi ” Emergency management officials said the rupture was related to saturated grounds that caved. The chemicals that leaked were Carbon dioxide AND hydrogen sulfide . The pipeline belongs to
    Denbury Enterprises and is used for OILFIELD OPERATIONS NOT CO2 capture. The pipeline is
    used by the company to chemically unlock oil from oil fields. Again the pipeline rupture had nothing to do with CO2 capture technology. The US Department of Transportation’s Pipeline
    and Hazardous Materials is seeking millions in damages against Denbury Gulf Coast Pipelines
    for violations.

  6. “Measured by “concrete”… That’s your “legit” source? None of your sources on this blog are “legit”. You just regurgitate tired anti science poppycock. If I challenge your worldview, according to you, [it’s] not worth my time teaching you since you aren’t interested in truth”. So you’re the sole purveyor of the “truth”? There can’t be any other explanation since you know everything? That quite an assertion that most people wouldn’t make

  7. When exactly are you going to acknowledge that the pipeline leak had nothing to do with C02
    capture technology?
    “Denbury fined $662,500 for Mississippi blowout of CO2 injected in high pressure enhanced oil
    recovery, So much carbon dioxide came out that it settled in hollows, suffocating deer and
    other animals”
    “Denbury Resources promises to bring new life to old oilfields by pumping in carbon dioxide andhydrogen sulfide to force additional oil to the surface. But the company’s oilfields have
    seen a series of uncontrolled carbon dioxide blowouts that may bring up oil and drilling fluids
    with them, including one last month near Delhi. One of the biggest such incidents has resulted
    in Denbury agreeing to pay a $662,500 fine to the Mississippi Department of Environmental
    Quality over a 2011 oil well out in Yazoo County.

    In other words they were not attempting CO2 capture technology but using CO2 to extract
    more oil with a poorly engineered pipe that gave way under flood conditions.


  8. No, you totally misrepresented this story. The pipeline in question was NOT using C02 capture
    technology at all. The technology Denbury was using two chemicals hydrogen sulfide and CO2
    to force more OIL out of the ground. That’s not how CO2 capture technology is done. They poorly designed a pipeline that ruptured during heavy rain and flooding. They also didn’t fully
    investigate the amount of natural C02 was in the ground. They were heavily fined for the disaster.
    C02 capture technology doesn’t use pipes like one in Mississippi to to convert CO2 into other beneficial chemicals.
    I also fine ironic that if a oil pipeline ruptures you’re n0t screaming about the loss of life and the
    spoil of beaches and oceans and the wildlife that perish.

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