This is what Green Weenies are doing to all of us:

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

I updated this story from yesterday, a CO2 pipeline in Mississippi did break, a small town had to be evacuated. Capturing CO2 with no place to store it is STUPID.

Below is what happens when Climate Change clowns close coal fired power plants with no way to replace the electricity they generated. Since Democrats did this in Illinois, why would you vote for any of them?

This is my Corn Belt electricity bill from last December:

This is the bill I just received, we used a lot less electricity but the bill is roughly the same as it was last December:

I can’t wait for December this year!

Green energy doesn’t generate enough energy to compensate for closing traditional power plants. Europe is going to freeze this winter, meanwhile McLean County keeps approving solar farms. That is as stupid as burning corn for ethanol. Expect food shortages soon.

Nobody is saving the planet, these plans are merely a transfer of wealth – yours.

4 thoughts on “This is what Green Weenies are doing to all of us:

  1. Green weenies are just a part of the picture. Add WOKEism, gender identity, BLM/Antifa racial strife, viruses, forced inflation, emasculated military, anti second amendment, history rewritten, need I go on? I think you’ve got the idea, anyway its all to bring down America and make White people kowtow. It’s Marxism/socialism at work. They have been here in our universities since WWII or before. They play the long game. They have Russia, China, most of Africa, and lots of South America. We are all that stands in the way of a New World Order run by ….. Not Us.

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  2. Corn Belt and their org leaders love to throw citizens in Illinois to the wolves and their billing practices should be illegal. Their do gooder marketing and promos don’t help and cover up a lot of nasty process decisions.

    This is the future folks as no one questioned a thing and trusts those in charge and the system. Ridiculous to watch.


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