This is what Green Weenies are doing to all of us:

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader I updated this story from yesterday, a CO2 pipeline in Mississippi did break, a small town had to be evacuated. Capturing CO2 with no place to store it is STUPID. Below is what happens when Climate Change clowns close coal fired power plants with no way to replace […]

The Rumors are:

By:  Diane Benjamin Just rumors – some based in a lot of facts Bloomington’s Water department director resigned – Bob Yehl OSHA regulations were violated at Lake Bloomington yesterday as City employees destroyed a boat dock, If you are a buying a house at Lake Bloomington that has a boat dock, get a copy of […]

Corn Belt Customers: Say NO!

By:  Diane Benjamin If you are a Corn Belt Electric customer, don’t ignore the April 2015 issue of Country Living magazine.  Turn to page 6 or see this link: Illinois Rural Electric Cooperative upgrading to new generation of smart meter Call, email, or write to them – Tell them you do not agree to […]