The Rumors are:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Just rumors – some based in a lot of facts

Bloomington’s Water department director resigned – Bob Yehl

OSHA regulations were violated at Lake Bloomington yesterday as City employees destroyed a boat dock,

If you are a buying a house at Lake Bloomington that has a boat dock, get a copy of the PERMIT before buying it.  The City will tear it down without your permission if it isn’t permitted.

One guy with an illegal boat dock had the audacity to create his own path to the lake and post a No Trespassing sign on City property.  He is a City employee.

Everybody at Lake Bloomington knows who complained about docks.  The City FOIA denials based on “confidential sources” aren’t so confidential.

The Marina at Lake Bloomington doesn’t have boat slips available for all the boats at docks Bloomington demands get ripped out.

The residents with docks would have paid the City to keep them.  The City refused.  It has nothing to do with water quality.

It will take a month to pick up all the solid waste people dumped in front of their houses.  meanwhile, no roads are being fixed because crews are being used to clean up.

Corn Belt Electric doesn’t feel the need to respond to their co-op members if they don’t like the questions.  (Update:  I did a two responses (one at 10:00 pm), more info still needed!)

The pink haired candidate for County Board held a fundraiser featuring socialist Dan Biss.  Carlo Robustilli was featured too, another socialist?  The dem running for County Clerk was there too.  Gee, are they all socialists?  (see Venezuela for details)

“Progressive” is just another word for socialist.

I wonder if ICE will show up at the demonstration for illegals in Normal Monday?

A large flower-pot was set on fire in downtown Bloomington this week.

I might add to this list!







9 thoughts on “The Rumors are:

  1. This list is just unbelievable…a Soap Opera, a tragi-comedy, should be filmed here.

  2. Reminds me of the April Fools issue of the Vidette at ISU when I went there back in the Permian.. WOW, Bad water @ Lake Bloomington. ONE person being the LOUD voice. More solid waste then TARI & cronies expected (READ poor planning) and the streets NOT getting fixed, but his Japan ticket does, and just PLAIN OLE “Business as usual” in good ole Tari will reinvent it-dom!
    Johnee, I notice a LOT of dandelions in MANY yards just now and I DON’T want them seeding MY yard. Can you see to it to get an ordinance PASSED that reads ANY neighbor with invading dandelions can have their lawn LASER blasted by city crews at THEIR expense?
    And since it’s been SO DRY, I guess Amelia will ONCE again push for brick streets, so they don’t catch fire, like say, a camelback bridge!

  3. Diane – Who did the complaining about boat docks? Was it a city employee and why?

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