Anonymous tip results

By:  Diane Benjamin

Every so often I receive anonymous tips in the mail.  In order for me to investigate I have to believe the allegations are credible and have enough information to confirm the allegations.

A couple of weeks ago I received one of these.  It concerned a former County employee named Jody Cooper who served as the McLean County Drug Court Coordinator.

I could not prove the allegations in the letter because nothing showed up on any investigative reports for her or the other person ( an inmate) mentioned.  If the allegations are true, the County will not provide that information because they would call it “personnel” and therefore exempt.  I did find something else however the letter writer must not be aware of:

Jody Cooper was investigated for theft of $1,342 in petty cash.

Although the documents I received are heavily redacted, enough information is available to see that Cooper was questioned in June of 2016, the same month she resigned:

This same document claims the case was turned over to the Criminal Investigations Divisions.  Since it appears nothing has happened since, it died there.

See the entire FOIA request here:  FOIA – Jody Cooper

Cooper’s Facebook page claims she is a Behavior Specialist now at Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln.

Both the possible theft and other allegations appear to be buried.






8 thoughts on “Anonymous tip results

  1. Government employees committing felonies covering up for the crimes of their fellow thieving tax vampires???? Say it ain’t so!!!!


  2. She should sue you Diane. You can’t print allegations without facts.

    Allegations are not crimes.

    Shame on you for doing what you condemn the “main stream media” for doing.



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  3. Printing allegations and possibilities. Great “reporting.” Was she arrested or fired? Being investigated is not a conviction or even an arrest! Know any good libel attorneys? I kind of hope you don’t.


  4. Yes, when there is an investigation and then a resignation–something is fishy. Even better- they move on to DOC for a job with a better pension.


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