The Lake Bloomington Fire

By:  Diane Benjamin On March 10, 2019 a fire DESTROYED a building at Lake Building that housed a lot of equipment and records.  The media never reported it.  Evidently a massive loss to government isn’t news. I only found out about the fire when replacing two pieces of equipment appeared on the April 22nd Agenda:  […]

Big Government Boot

By:  Diane Benjamin The citizens of Bloomington were shown last night that local politics is NOT non-partisan.  The heavy hand of government crushed the people and businesses. Only extremists are too blind to see the national economy booming when that hand was removed in 2016.  Unemployment is at historic lows, wages are rising, more people […]

Last night’s Bloomington Council fun

By:  Diane Benjamin Joni Painter was absent last night, so Ward 5 wasn’t represented. There was no presentation last night on employee compensation.  HR is going to want around $20,000 to study more.  Alderman Mathy used common sense when he asked where ending Sick Leave Buy Back is.  It is nowhere.  He also asked why […]

Bloomington Council tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin In their continuing quest to make it un-affordable to live in Bloomington: Tonight the Committee of the whole will get a preview of upcoming fee increases: PDF page 8 This should be interesting: All of these items will be previewed tonight for a discussion on September 10th. Alderman Diana Hauman wants […]

The Rumors are:

By:  Diane Benjamin Just rumors – some based in a lot of facts Bloomington’s Water department director resigned – Bob Yehl OSHA regulations were violated at Lake Bloomington yesterday as City employees destroyed a boat dock, If you are a buying a house at Lake Bloomington that has a boat dock, get a copy of […]

More “Not The Right Fit”

By:  Diane Benjamin Back on February 26 approval of a Final Plat for a Circle K at the corner of GE Road and Hershey was sent back to the Planning Commission.  Alderman Painter didn’t want it in her Ward. This property has been a field for campaign signs for as long as I can remember: […]

Government’s Boot

By:  Diane Benjamin It isn’t possible to have verbal or email permission from government to do anything and expect it to be honored.  If boats on Lake Bloomington are so hazardous to the drinking water that supposed “illegal” docks must be removed, why are any boats allowed on the Lake? $250 fine per day?  Send […]

UPDATE: Bloomington failed to recycle!

See the cost in this story: __________________________________ By:  Diane Benjamin I received a tip months ago about the City of Bloomington illegally dumping contaminated dirt, concrete, and other materials they dig up from water main breaks at Lake Bloomington. I did a FOIA request with the IEPA for documents, I received 14.  Since this was […]

Lake Bloomington – Docks

By:  Diane Benjamin If anybody still reads the Pantagraph, they have what looks more like a hit piece against the City of Bloomington than reporting: Some of the people making comments on the Pantagraph site are clueless! Homeowners on Lake Bloomington are leasing the land – Bloomington owns it.  They are paying property taxes […]

Bloomington meets again Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin Monday night the Council is holding a Special Session with secret meeting (Executive Session), a Work Session, and the Council meeting. Theme for the work session: Ever program must pay for itself (except the Coliseum) No, the Coliseum isn’t on the agenda.  They can lose as much money as they want and […]

More ineptness

By:  Diane Benjamin I will admit upfront I don’t have all the details.  I could spend the next month or more filing Freedom Of Information requests, getting the time extended by the City, then re-filing because I didn’t get what I wanted.  Since I basically work for free, I’m not spending that much time to […]