Bloomington Council tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

In their continuing quest to make it un-affordable to live in Bloomington:

Tonight the Committee of the whole will get a preview of upcoming fee increases:

PDF page 8

This should be interesting:

All of these items will be previewed tonight for a discussion on September 10th.

Alderman Diana Hauman wants to discuss Lake Bloomington.  She has 10 minutes to discuss how residents have no representation on the Council and the cost of tree removal.

The Council will also hear the results of the Total Compensation Study they commissioned.

30 minutes is set aside for a Secret Meeting (Executive Session) on collective bargaining.  Past union contracts have codified pensions spiking.  Since those contracts cover multiple years, spiking won’t disappear anytime soon.  Does the Council have the guts to make sure all future contracts don’t include the right to a spiked pension?










3 thoughts on “Bloomington Council tonight

  1. ALL this council will DO is pass the blame onto PAST and FUTURE councils. The mess THEY leave behind will be their legacy. Whether we ALL stick around to see it or not depends on how bad it gets here. As I don’t see it getting BETTER anytime soon..


  2. It will be interesting how the new financial reporting will work under the new City Manager. Because of past actions of City Managers, this Mayor and Council, I will not believe it until I see it.

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