Government’s Boot

By:  Diane Benjamin

It isn’t possible to have verbal or email permission from government to do anything and expect it to be honored.  If boats on Lake Bloomington are so hazardous to the drinking water that supposed “illegal” docks must be removed, why are any boats allowed on the Lake?

$250 fine per day?  Send Tari and the 7 members of the Council who voted YES a thank you card for the display of complete tyranny.  Those homeowners aren’t allowed to vote in City elections, they just get penalized.  An attorney attempted to speak first, he was cut off because he wasn’t allowed to speak on behalf of the family whose name was called.  It would probably help if the Public Comment rules were spelled out on the City website.  I can’t even find the policy in the City Code.  It might be there somewhere because I know it has been revised.  It should be clearly stated on the meeting announcements page – that’s where other units of government have it.

Emails from City staff years ago approving the docks didn’t matter.  A likely decrease in property values didn’t matter either.  Docks that have been in place for more than 40 years didn’t matter.  A decrease in income to the City because of falling property values didn’t matter either.

I’m betting the City gets sued again over this one.  Mathy and Black voted against the motion, I did not listen to why.  You can listen yourself here:


The City Clerk is still not posting any minutes for meetings in 2018.  It’s only April, no rush.  She does post “motions and votes” which are a complete waste of time since that information would be in the minutes if they were posted.

Why does this matter now?  Because Alderman Bray pulled approving the minutes from the February 12th meeting again.  This time she moved to replace them with a revised set that evidently was sent to aldermen yesterday afternoon.  The packet was not amended to reflect the new minutes.  Therefore we have NO IDEA what the new minutes that were approved say.  As long as the clerk refuses to post the minutes we never will either.


The Council approved spending money for a sports complex consultant by a vote of 5-4.  See 1:17:40 for Alderman Hauman’s reason for voting Yes.  Sage, Mwilambwe, Painter and Bray voted no.

I guarantee this study will return claiming the end to world hunger with all the millions of economic activity it will generate in the few months it will be available for use each year.

Public comment is cued up below.  CPA Carl Woodward thinks the Council needs to hire a consultant to cut the budget for them.  I think new council member are needed instead.  Aaron can not be believed, I have MANY emails saved up for the right time and place from him.





18 thoughts on “Government’s Boot

  1. Time for a GOOD OLD tar and feather and a “get out of town” party.
    Heck, they was a sports complex study? WE DO NOT NEED ONE, it’s NOT economical, just like the arena! study done, just saved thousands, they can just buy me lunch and fix the streets with the savings.

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  2. I’ve long believed that Tari enjoys controlling people and institutions, and he firmly believes that it is just for government to use force to control people, economic events, and outcomes in accordance with his beliefs and ideology.

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    1. That’s his entire egotistical reason for running for any public office – his little Wesleyan fiefdom simply wasn’t big enough for his gigantic ego. Also, all socialists believe that government knows best and Tarry is a full blown socialist. He also is fully instep with the government elites enjoying the fruits of their plunder – the peasants can howl if they want, he will sic the dogs on them if they become too annoying.


  3. Renner is scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for something he can claim is a budget cut. Services in Solid Waste were cut resulting in cost SAVINGS not cost cutting.
    There were no cuts.


      1. Yes, I did hear Hauman’s comment.
        Mr. Woodward’s comment was tongue in cheek. He knows the Council wastes money on consultants. He also knows the Council can’t make cuts—can live within its means.

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  4. “How Rude!” I can’t believe that they are bothering with lake docks when this city has so many more pressing issues. Most people don’t want to live 10 miles out of town. Amenities like docks is what made those homes appealing. There are already a bunch for sale. I suggest that all owners who lose their docks- protest your tax assessment. You might have to appeal to the Springfield taxing board if the local assessors board is not reasonable. It’s totally worth it, and the city deserves it.

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  5. Should Jim Karch be allowed to throw shout-outs to businesses during his presentations? I’m sure Bandanas BBQ appreciated the free advertising. Hopefully he isn’t getting his next meal comped for that. I do; however, appreciate his candor with you. Please let us know otherwise, but he seems to be doing the best he can with the (lack of) resources the council gives him.

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  6. i worry about laundry detergent , sewage and oil coming from any lake homes , and that was an issues years back .. but docks along property should be allowed , boat or no boat if so desired . unless there were preexisting codes legally presented to land owners and terms they inherited with lake property ownership . . just one more way to acquire money and act like tyrants in power .

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  7. I’m late getting to this boat dock party and am very underinformed bout what is going on. My initial reaction is that, unless there is a statute saying otherwise, of course emails from city employees are not legally binding. Also, I was always told that the lots on lake bloomington are rented for 99 years (no clue what the start date is) and that the houses are built on those rented lots. Thus, the homeowners are legally considered tenants. Thus, unless there is a lease granting permission to build a boat dock, the city is well within its legal right to force the removal of boat docks.

    Is my understanding wrong?


    1. It just sounds to me as if it is the usual petty “we control you” type of situation – the “you do as WE say” thing – rather like the little tyrannical home owners associations in some places.


  8. Imagine if Amelia Buragas and Stacy Tutt get their way and Bloomington’s west side properties become a land trust like Lake Bloomington. Lake Bloomington might seem far away and it may only be 15 residents, but Hitler didn’t take over Poland in a day. What if it happens to you, will there be anyone left to help you? This is just the beginning and it’s coming faster than you think.

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  9. Can you imagine if a private entity or company contacted you about a product of theirs that you purchased, rented, etc and then out of nowhere said to destroy the product, return it, etc or we’ll charge you $250 a day until you do? The government and consumer protection agency would be all over it and that company would be out of business. But it’s ok when government wants to impose ridiculous fines….

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