Downs Fire – another side to the story

By:  Diane Benjamin

This morning I was contacted by the guy who did not show up for an interview last night – Jeffrey Clarkson.  He claims he was not told the meeting was back on.  He also sent me a document detailing his opinion of what is going on.  I agreed to print it.

Below is page 1 of 4.   The entire document can be viewed here:  Downs Community Fire Protection District 4.9.18


8 thoughts on “Downs Fire – another side to the story

  1. As a tax paying resident of Downs, this angers me! It also saddens me that due to two people (trustees) within the Downs Fire Protection District, they are allowing their personal problems (not promoting a son) get in the way of serving our wonderful community. It’s very concerning that fewer members will even respond to calls that, on most accounts, are deemed EMERGENCY!
    Where can this be posted so the community is aware of who we, as tax paying residents of Downs, count on to ‘save lives’ and be there when we call them?


  2. This is TOO bad, as Downs is SUCH a nice small VILLAGE, and for this kind of stupid crap to happen is WAY beyond GREED. It’s just plain inexcusable. I hope this matter gets cleared up and those responsible get put out with the trash that they are..


      1. Not everyone is the problem. There are many fire fighters and EMTs that still respond because they do care about the wonderful community.

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  3. If you know the truth this has nothing to do with advancing their children. I don’t think their children need their help to get advancement. Ask their peers as they will stand behind them. I am confident in that statement. Also neither trustee can vote on anything in regards to their kid.

    This letter to me sounds like on person who might be slightly upset they didn’t move up. He does have experience and a very good firemen but I don’t think he has put in the work and effort for as many years as a lot of other members. And as I also know for a fact this firemen has also stuck up for people due to Mainits inability to lead the members of the station. And has disagreed with Manint’s decisions numerous times. So that’s why to me it seems as though there’s more of a motive here.

    As far as casada…This is a scheme to get mike back. Mikes advancement was due to mark casada and ed belcher. These problems with manint were swept under the rug until Misch became a trustee because casada didn’t have his buddy to always out vote the third trustee. He realized it wasn’t always going to be his way anymore and that’s why things happened this way with the secret emails and lies and his friend Jeff Clark added to the board. Sounds as though that’s backfiring though.

    Hope this gets straightened out soon


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