Downs Fire: Extra Pay not authorized

By:  Diane Benjamin I finally received the rest of the information I FOIA’d from the Downs Fire Protection District late yesterday. One request was for complaints filed against any employees or Board members.  I did not receive any “official complaints”, just heavily redacted memos recapping events with all names redacted.  I received ZERO complaints about […]

Downs Fire: More information

By:  Diane Benjamin Below are awards given to members of the Downs Fire Department by fellow members.  They are mounted to the wall inside the station to the left.  These awards should prove that nepotism accusations aren’t true and any promotions have nothing to do with Travis Misch and John Bettisch being sons of Board […]

Downs Fire – the video

Below will be videos of the entire meeting held April 19, 2018.  Each video takes many hours to upload, there will be three posted here eventually.  The camera was only on the Board the entire time.  You will hear people from the crowd speaking, most identify themselves at some point.  I think around 20 people […]

Downs Fire: Clearing the air

By:  Diane Benjamin Last night a special meeting of the Downs Fire Protection District was held.  I attended and filmed the entire 1 1/2 hours. The meeting turned into a Public Comment session.  That wasn’t a bad thing, a dialogue took place that needed to take place. I am convinced the firing of the former […]

Update: Downs Fire – FYI

I received a legal opinion that “consideration” can allow for a vote.  Janice Bettisch should attend this meeting as a board member since her replacement’s term doesn’t start until May 1.   By: Diane Benjamin Below is the agenda for tomorrow night’s meeting:                   No votes can […]

Edgar County Watchdogs: Downs Fire

Downs Fire Protection District – Christmas Party turns Sexual Harrassment – Less than one month after drafting a sexual harassment policy, according to recently released emails and other documents, the Downs Fire Protection District apparently held a Christmas Party on December 2, 2017, and sometime during said party, things turned sexual. The new policy was […]

Downs Fire: Ridiculous

By:  Diane Benjamin I am reading over a thousand emails I started receiving late yesterday.  This is one of them pertaining to the meeting last Monday: I asked John McIntyre if he said this, he hasn’t responded to my email. From another source I was assured he didn’t because John knows has no authority to […]

Downs: 6:00 pm tonight

More interviews for open positions in the Downs Fire Department are being conducted at 6:00 tonight. The public is welcome to attend and ask questions since they were allowed last Monday night. The interviews are held at the Fire Department building.  Please share!

Downs Fire Meeting – video

By:  Diane Benjamin I attended part of the Downs Fire Protection District meeting Monday night.  I filmed one of the candidates for Fire Chief (John Day) and one for Assistant Fire Chief (Travis Misch).  People in the room were allowed to ask questions after the Board questions.      

Downs Fire last night

See this story too: By:  Diane Benjamin Two of the three Trustees attended the meeting.  The chairman decided not to show up – Mark Casada.  Candidates for open positions were allowed to make their case and answer a few questions.  At least one candidate didn’t attend, his application letter was read by one of the […]