Downs Fire – the video

Below will be videos of the entire meeting held April 19, 2018.  Each video takes many hours to upload, there will be three posted here eventually.  The camera was only on the Board the entire time.  You will hear people from the crowd speaking, most identify themselves at some point.  I think around 20 people attended besides the Board.  If you have any questions about who in the crowd was speaking, I can probably get that information.

Video 2:

Video 3:

8 thoughts on “Downs Fire – the video

  1. Wow I can’t even make it through the second video before commenting casada is claiming the destruction of the department began after belchers departure from the board. No casada you and ed started destroying the place when it was a two trustee board and then when Janice Bettisch tried to make things better you two out voted her on everything. I knew it was a matter of time before the truth came out!


  2. How come you didn’t send updated emails regarding votes when you and belcher or voted the third trustee constantly? Oh because that was convenient for you to do for years Casada? You and ed tried to silence everyone it was the two man show and then with money you got manint on board with anything and everything you two wanted. After Scott bettisch passed away voices were silienced and then Janice bettisch wanted to help make things right and you two bullied her and she still stood strong when you two with the help of manint kept shooting arrows targeted on her sons back. She never let what you two were doing to him stop her from trying to do what was right for EVERYONE and the COMMUNITY. It’s almost annoying to hear the concerned tax payer I understand being concerned and not choosing sides but for years this department was the best and Scott Bettisch passed away and it became a free for all and the Manint’s wanted to make as much money as possible for doing nothing. And after scott passes belcher and casada got a little too comfortable calling all the shots that approximently 7 months ago casada couldn’t handle being stood up too and didn’t have a buddy to out vote the third trustee hint the secret meetings and emails.

    I’m for the 5 member board or 3 member board or 7 member board as long as doing the right thing is the motto and in the best interest of the department.

    Last but not least if Janice bettisch was willing to be a board member. Can this happen by votes or how does this happen?

    Because the bystander who claims casada isn’t saying she isn’t worthy I’m sorry sir but that’s exactly what casada is saying because she did side with him.


  3. Mark Casada, with all of the controversy surrounding yourself, it seems appropriate that you resign. How are the department members supposed to trust you after all of this? Apparently you already had a resignation prepared, maybe its time to dust that off and make use of it sir. Your past contributions, while great, pale in comparison to the transgressions you have committed as of late. It seems as if there is no point of recovery for the damage you have caused to not only yourself, but the department and its reputation as a whole. Resign!

    Jeff Clark, you seem like a great addition and asset to the board! If you can hold true to your words that you can remain impartial, your value will be immense. Your experience and knowledge will be a refreshing change from what appears to be so much malignancy and corrupted agendas.

    Janice Bettisch, I don’t need to be on the fire department to know your level of contribution. Regardless of you having family on the department, your dedication seems unmatched. Your love for the department and its members is all too real. I hear the pain in your voice for what you have endured, and the betrayal by a fellow board member has caused you great loss. Keep your head up though, God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers!


  4. At the meeting on Thursday I enjoyed meeting all of the individuals that attended the meeting and appreciate the open, honest discussion. There were a ton of great questions and comments, which I addressed openly and honestly as well. To address a comment to a previous post, I am a neighbor and friend if Mark Casada, but to my knowledge have never met Mike Manint. However, please do not infer my friendship with Mark will interfere with my ability to remain unbiased and independent. I realize that will be difficult for some to believe, but please be patient and give me the opportunity to prove myself. I would also like to note that the most impactful moment of the evening was the delivery of the document signed by 10 individuals to Mark. I commend the 10 members for choosing an exceptionally professional method to have their voices heard, which was more effective than had they done it individually. Thank you


  5. Thank you Jeff Clark! All I can do is believe you and trust you have the best interest at hand. I do want to be positive about that.

    I do want to add one thing though….. I love how you do think highly of everyone coming together in a professional way to have their voices heard.

    Have you ever wondered what the outcome would of been if ed belcher and Mark casada originally asked Manint’s coworkers their opinions. Or why weren’t any other interviews held? Why did no one know there was even an interview until the vote was 2-1 and the ems chief was manint and that’s the way it is becauSe two trustees said so without regarding anyone else’s opinions or input that have direct interaction with manint on a daily basis. And why was the ems chief position not available for interviews for anyone else inside or outside the department?


    1. Lame reply….it was a unanimous vote..ask janice. Ask Misch why he never showed up to half the trainings when he was on the dept. Why is this so biased? Looking at the videos, Misch is a bully….bullies got to go.


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