Update: Downs Fire – FYI

I received a legal opinion that “consideration” can allow for a vote.  Janice Bettisch should attend this meeting as a board member since her replacement’s term doesn’t start until May 1.


By: Diane Benjamin

Below is the agenda for tomorrow night’s meeting:










No votes can be taken at this meeting because none are listed on the Agenda.

Also, the new Trustee is not an official member of this Board until May 1, 2018.

The County Board appointed him to a three-year term ending April 31, 2021:   http://www.mcleancountyil.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/5937

That means the three years doesn’t start until May 1.  Anything he votes on before May will be illegal.


Trustee Janice Bettisch received a letter yesterday terminating her from the Board.  The County is responsible for appointments, look at how they were right on top of their responsibility:

The only reason she was terminated was because John McIntyre conspired with Mark Casada.  Mark was out-numbered and didn’t like the direction the Board was taking.  Right or wrong it should have been discussed in Downs, not behind the backs of the other two Trustees and the people of this district.

Since many other appointments were made  by the County Board yesterday to other Fire Protection Districts, I wonder if the County finally figured out they weren’t doing their job and fixed them all at once?





8 thoughts on “Update: Downs Fire – FYI

  1. I thought that when an elected/appointed body had the words “for consideration” as part of an agenda item, it meant a vote would be taken.


      1. Just speaking from experience with Bloomington City Council. Even when it clearly states “for discussion only” Renner somehow takes an “unofficial” vote.”


  2. If Janice is terminated, she cannot attend as a Board Member. She can attend as a community member. Especially since it is after the date she was terminated.


      1. He won’t ban her…. that would make no sense. I’m stating that she won’t have the rights as a Board Member since her appointment was terminated.

        What law are you referring to Diane? Point a direction to the law that you are talking about. Because you clearly state that and do not back it up with no information regarding that.


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