Peoria: Private Garbage since 2010

Update:  They do charge something for recycling, I’m attempting to find out how much.  It depends on where you live in Peoria.  The City does have drop off locations.

By:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Peoria just approved a new 7 year contract with a possible 3 year extension for private garbage service that includes recycling.

THREE companies submitted bids.

See this article:

Video of the Council meeting is available here:

I watched only enough to find out how much residents will pay for garbage, recycling, and brush pickup.

Before I tell you what Peoria residents pay for PRIVATE service – negotiated by the City, let’s review what Bloomington passed in February so their employees can pick up your garbage etc:

This is what Peoria residents will be paying:

First – share this information will all your friends who think private service will be much more expensive.

Second, the City Manager of Peoria clearly states on the video the majority of the citizens of Peoria are happy with the service they have.

Third, wash “Sucker” off your forehead where the City Council stamped it.

How many votes does keeping City employees busy buy?






7 thoughts on “Peoria: Private Garbage since 2010

  1. I’m confused….weren’t you just complaining about the job Midwest Fiber is doing with the recycle drop offs? Which way do you want it?


  2. Director of Public Works, Jim Karch, knowing that it would not be well received from his city employees, put outsourcing garbage service on the table on as way to help balance the budget. Unfortunately the protectionist mayor and spineless council would not even let it be reviewed as a possible option.
    Another missed chance to reduce pension and workers comp cost to the city. It is much easier to have the taxpayer absorb the inefficiencies of the current service.

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    1. Well u have no idea. Jim Karch and local 699 can’t stand each other. He would like nothing more than to outsource garbage.


  3. So….if BLM HOA’s or Subdivisions start getting bids to take over garbage, recycle and brush and pull out of the city service…… What would the City do?


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