Solid Waste! DONE.

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari’s protester is back in front of City Hall this morning:

Below is what the Council passed last night 6-3.  Alderman Sage, Schmidt, and Painter voted against it.

A 95 gallon can is now $25.00 a month.  It will increase $4 a month plus 3% a year that means:

1 year 29.00

2 years 29.87

3 years 30.77

4 years 31.69

5 years 32.64

The Council will continue excessive pay increases to employees and bill you for it.  You will be getting less for what you pay since bulk pickup will only be twice a year instead of every other week.

The documentation claims this will increase revenue $894,672 and reduce costs $250,000.  I don’t see the logic in costs only decreasing $250,000 when bulk pickup is dramatically reduced.

PDF page 231:

The Council is worried about video gaming taking money out of the economy.  (more on that later)  The real destruction to Bloomington is the tax theft which leaves less money in your pocket to spend.  Sales tax revenue will continue to decrease because you have less money to spend, simple economics.  

You will be paying more for much less service, while Lake Bloomington residents are allowed to pay less from a private company.  Congrats.

Keep in mind, the taxes you already paid formerly funded garbage collection.  It was put in an Enterprise fund to force you to pay more.  It worked.  Sewer and storm water rates are increasing May 1st.  The library will need money to build.  Your wallet will have less money because these people aren’t capable of living within their means – or fixing the roads.  You are being robbed and your rights to your money infringed.

The Council did spend around 50 minutes discussing this fleece before voting.  The three dissenters didn’t vote NO because they didn’t want rates increased.  Painter stated people like the service they have now and don’t want it changed.

Hit play if you want to hear it in their own words:


12 thoughts on “Solid Waste! DONE.

  1. People will downsize their cart to save money. Had the Council not micro-managed earlier and evaluated the fiscal impact, both trash & recycle carts would be the same size with the same fee. It is bulk waste where the City loses $$. Charge for all bulk waste pick-up. Trying to incentivize recycling—changing behavior—doesn’t work. 🐥

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  2. An effective increase of 16% in year one alone. I’m sure the trash pickup will improve 16%, said no one with common sense.


    1. Or maybe some folks will dump some bulk in front of the mayors house about 3am. Hearing about that sure would put a smile on my stanky old face.


  3. Ha! $250K reduction in cost for Solid Waste is equivalent to the salaries of the former DBA employees hired by the City. Think about that for a minute.

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