Bloomington – Monday night

By:  Diane Benjamin

There isn’t any new business on the agenda – everything is on the Consent Agenda.  Unless some item is pulled, the meeting will last 10 minutes.

The former Gypsy Room, now Mystic Kitchen and Tasting Room is up for a Liquor License.  It includes package liquor.  To start they will only be open until 10:00 pm during the week, 11:00 on Friday and Saturdays.  The usual downtown supporters, Vickie Tilton and Jan Lancaster, supported the license at the Liquor Commission hearing.  No one objected.

These appointments are on the agenda, we will see if the problems that surfaced earlier with Tari’s picks have been worked out:


Note:  No one is being appointed to fill the expired term of John Bowman to the Connect Transit Board.  His term expired June 30th:

Below is how much of your money is going to Connect this month, don’t forget your Sales Tax was increased to pay for empty over-sized buses roaming City streets destroying the infrastructure:



Public Works is getting new garbage trucks.  Since your bill will go up 3% every year without a Council vote, they can afford them:

garbge trks

Are those knuckleboom trucks being used yet?

Other payments:

More Sick Leave Buy Back as long time employees rush for the door before they can’t collect:

slbb 8-9-19

If voters had approved rolling the Bloomington Election Commission into the County Clerk’s office, you wouldn’t be paying two staffs for training.  It should be back on the ballot.  You do not want an un-elected Elections Commission!  You will have no ability to hold them accountable for fair elections.

bec exp

Add this payment to Tari’s Hawaii expenses:

tari hono

The total is now $4,114.25.

What benefit did taxpayers receive?

The next mayor should campaign on not wasting taxpayer money attending propaganda conferences!

This is also on the agenda:

gleason raise

Just guessing, but I bet the Council will be discussing a raise for City Manager Tim Gleason.  Keep in mind the minutes of these secret evaluations for the past two City Managers have never been released, you will never know what the current Council says about Gleason.

David Hales was an over-paid under achiever.  Tim Gleason has so far been much better, with the exception of the 3% automatic garbage fee increases.

Any decisions by the Council should be delayed until the demolition permit is issued for the State Farm building.  If he supports any action that costs taxpayers a dime, that amount should be taken out of his salary.  Greg Koos’ opinion is immaterial since he ran the History Museum for years believing taxpayers needed to fund it instead of having it fund itself.

PDF page 309:

The current budget:

history museum Koos







7 thoughts on “Bloomington – Monday night

  1. Money for the museum ? What groups pay for the Vistors’ Center in the basement of the Museum ? Bloomington for one I assume. Commission, bureau, department, our governments are taxing us and we are not getting much for our dollars. Greed and incompetence are running rampant. And so is arrogance.

  2. (1) Imagine if Mystic Kitchen didn’t cave to Jenn and the PC police on the name change…would they have the same support and ease of licensing? I wonder if Jenn conveyed such a message/veiled threat to the owners. And if so, is she smart enough not to say something via a FOIA-able medium of communication? (2) So, we now have two vacancies on the Connect Transit Board. Why on earth are Koos and Renner dragging their feet? I’m sure they could find a crony or two. Makes me wonder if there’s a deeper issue inside Connect Transit. (3) the City loves wasting lots of taxpayer money on expenses that do not provide anything to taxpayers – sick leave (paying people to sit at home) and 10s of thousands of dollars per month for empty buses. (4) More money for Greg and the Hysterical Society to wax philosophical about days gone by and welcome all 9 visitors a day to the gift shop…er, museum. The names and loudest voices associated with Save Our State Farm Building seem to be members of the Downtown cabal and/or lefty loonies, including Greg. Not a surprise.

  3. Gregg Koos is the worst excuse for a historian than I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

  4. Please, someone ask Gleason/Renner what accomplishments has Gleason made for the “good of the people” Lets see, I can name a few: Gleason helped raise the gas tax for Bloomington up 4 cents. Gleason has the knowledge and skills to hire out of city feasibility studies. Gleason has the knowledge and skills to lead in getting Bloomington streets repaired: NOT! Gleason has the knowledge and skills to be Tari Renner’s bobblehead. Gleason has the the knowledge and skill to blow off the citizens who pay his salary. Gleason has the knowledge and skill to lie . Yep, Gleason is definitely a right fit for Tari and his court jesters.

  5. “Tari’s Hawaii expenses … total is now $4,114.25. … What benefit did taxpayers receive?”

    Tari was able to go to an anti-civil-rights demonstration and say he new the mayor of Dayton. Not sure that’s worth the paper I wrote it on.

    Bloomington also got a mayor who was further encouraged in his delusion that he is smarter than the combined intelligence of the commercial real estate market. Not sure that’s worth the paper I flushed this morning.

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