Bloomington bills for Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari and the employees had fun:

admin June

Add the previous Hawaii expenses of $1,968.00, and Tari’s trip cost $3,892.50

This is what the Pantagraph reported: twin-city-mayors-focus-on-transit-climate-at-conference

Panta Hawaii

The cost of the CONFERENCE was $950.00.  The paper didn’t include that part.  What did taxpayers get?  The bill?

Remember the FREE entertainment put on by the BCPA?

Taxpayers fed the performers and volunteers too:

free food

And this expense:


And maybe this one:

bcpa hotel

Not a very meaningful gesture when taxpayers got the bill:

funeral flowers

Celebrate – More Pension Spiking!

slbb june 2019

Remember this story about Henson Disposal?

This is the total bill now:

Hensen June

The charges are listed from PDF page 31 to page 35.  Besides numerous bills for dumping from the Convenience Center, charges are included for the bulk waste pickup.

Sent to Springfield for legal:  See PDF pages 64-65

Sorling 6-19

11 thoughts on “Bloomington bills for Monday

  1. Why not focus on our racist county and racist justice system. The following story is true from THIS month and it happened to ME! Don’t let your kids see this. I was asked as part of the jury selection questionnaire if I was a CITIZEN! I have never felt so disenfranchised and discriminated against. I’m not sure where to turn or what to do. Anyone have CNN’s contact info? They could use a ratings boost.

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  2. And every dollar had to be first made by a taxpayer…. so these idiots can flush it down the toilet or have a GOOD time somewhere out-of-town. Pathetic and very very wrong.

    So when will we see the benefits of Mayor Little Man’s vacation in Hawaii? Are we going to get coconut trees planted downtown next to Rosies?

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  3. Tari is having a rough day. State Farm dumping the downtown building comes as no surprise. Face it, how do you convince someone to buy something you dumped out of earlier? They are going to demolish and there goes the real estate taxes for the main part on that gravy train. Of course Bloomington will look for ways to cut costs to offset this loss. No as usual we will egt f—-ed.

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