Why was Renner’s cost more than Koos?

By:  Diane Benjamin From Bills and Payroll for 7/23/2018  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=18360 PCard charge for Tari Renner –  Hotel only, US Conference of Mayors in Boston: Since Tari doesn’t have a PCard, it must have been booked with this card. 3 nights for Chris Koos including two charges at the hotel’s Champion Sports Bar was only $1209.99.    https://blnnews.com/2018/07/13/normal-we-must-entertain-and-more/ […]

Normal: We must entertain! (and more)

By:  Diane Benjamin A reader asked me how much the Town of Normal contributes to the CornBellters, so I FOIA’d that information.  The Normal Cornbelters are another quasi-government organization with no transparency. Did you know for 20 years Normal is rebating all food and beverage taxes? I wonder if they audit sales?  How are cash […]

Mayors traveling – at your expense

By:  Diane Benjamin According to this website:  https://www.statista.com/statistics/241695/number-of-us-cities-towns-villages-by-population-size/ there were 19,505 communities in the United States in 2015. 16,470 have a population under 10,000.  That leaves 3,035 larger cities. The US Conference of Mayors claims to represent 1,409 communities.  Since tiny cities don’t attend, 1409 of 3035 is only 46.4%.   http://mayorsagenda.com/about-us/ The next meeting is June […]

Bloomington’s Monday Food, Travel, and more

By:  Diane Benjamin Bills and Payroll for 5/29/2018  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=17800 See page 86-93.  All the NEGATIVE numbers mean they spent more than was budgeted for that area. It’s illegal to spend what isn’t budgeted without Council approval.  If I have time I may investigate further. Note:  Remember all Tari’s free lunches he claimed were for City business?  […]

Normal Monday: 10 minute meeting

By:  Diane Benjamin Monday 4/16:  http://www.normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/2946 Nothing that will take time to discuss is on the agenda.  They should discuss spending, but won’t.  Below are items I found interesting. The last time Lyle Sumek “consulted” with Normal the Town offered buyouts to employees.  What will be cut next? No expense was spared for a retirement dinner! […]

Stories you probably missed

Just a few stories most media ignores: History of Illinois Fiscal Crisis (Hint:  both parties are at fault) https://www.illinoispolicy.org/reports/the-history-of-illinois-fiscal-crisis/   Austin’s Complete Streets Nightmare (Austin went with buses, since few ride buses here – local government is forcing bike lanes) http://www.texasturf.org/2012-06-01-03-09-30/latest-news/2113-austin-s-complete-streets-policy-a-complete-nightmare?mc_cid=1b7d77465e&mc_eid=26ab1cd66c   Renner didn’t sign on – Koos did Update:  Renner did sign – he […]

Slick Willy, Nonsense, and more

By:  Diane Benjamin http://www.cityblm.org/government/advanced-components/documents/-folder-500 Bills and Payroll isn’t posted yet for Monday night: Hiding something? ________________________ Tari Renner and Chris Koos are in for a treat today at the US Conference of Mayors:  Former Present Bill Clinton spoke at the “City Livability Luncheon”.   I wonder if he will speak longer than scheduled?  I wonder […]

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner and Chris Koos are lounging around Miami this weekend at your expense.  Smart organizers would have held the twice a year US Conference of Mayors in Miami in the winter, but these are government people.  I wonder if we will see photos of them on the beach?  (eek!) All last […]

Normal’s Monday Grift

By:  Diane Benjamin You decide if “grift” fits: Bills for approval at the Monday’s Normal Town Council meeting: Source:  http://normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/2610 Click on any picture to enlarge. .. . Paying someone to apply for grant: . Misc: . More Baseball and More Water Main break Expense . Annual Dues – Where ridiculous ideas come from . […]

Renner: the hotel bill

By:  Diane Benjamin See this post from 7/22:  More-tari-eating-by-himself? A list of P-Card charges from June are included. Mayor Renner attended the US Conference of Mayors in Indianapolis, the hotel bill was $1,044.52. The conference was June 24 – June 27.  USmayors.org/84thAnnualMeeting This is a copy of the bill – obtained under FOIA: $756 was […]

June’s PCard Spending Fun

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is this month’s edition of Administration spending with a City debit card in your pocket.  See this link for the complete list of PCard spending – it’s at the end of Bills and Payroll. http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=8901 City Council Expenses Hilton Hotels $ 603.23 Business travel Mayor US Conference of Mayors City Council Expenses […]

More travel at your expense!

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner and Chris Koos just got back or are on the way back from San Francisco!  I’m willing to bet it was at your expense since they were attending the US Conference of Mayors.  This link shows both signed up to attend:  http://usmayors.org/83rdAnnualMeeting/PreRegisteredMayorsPhotos.asp I’m just going to list some highlights so you can […]

The Honorable Chris Koos

By:  Diane Benjamin Taxpayers fund trips taken by their elected officials without having a clue what the agenda is. This year both Koos and Renner attended the US Conference of Mayor where they unanimously supported net neutrality – the government take over of the Internet. I just got this tip from a reader concerning last […]

More Eating at your expense

By:  Diane Benjamin Below are P-Card (like a debit card, except billing is once a month) charges for the month of January (scroll to the bottom):  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=8213 ________________________________ Jimmy John’s # 1408 $ 181.44 Working Dinner D. Hales, T. Renner, City Council, 5 Other Staff‐ 01/12/2015 Monicals Pizza $ 45.75 Working Lunch for Finance Department‐ 01/07/2015 Lucca […]

I wish they would just use a gun to steal your money

by:  Diane Benjamin If you are robbed by somebody with a gun – at least you know it happened. The City of Bloomington would rather you not know. Below is JUST the Admin Pcard spending for 1 month.  Many more pages of spending by other department are at the link below. So far Tari Renner […]

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