Slick Willy, Nonsense, and more

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll isn’t posted yet for Monday night:

Hiding something?


Tari Renner and Chris Koos are in for a treat today at the US Conference of Mayors:  Former Present Bill Clinton spoke at the “City Livability Luncheon”.   I wonder if he will speak longer than scheduled?  I wonder if he mentioned the importance of good roads?


For Regina from the burbs who isn’t allowed to comment anymore:

One of your daily rants claimed I shouldn’t be worried about the library because I couldn’t even get a card since I don’t live in Bloomington.  You aren’t allowed to comment because you have a problem with the truth.  I have a free Bloomington library card.  McLean County isn’t the County you live in, so quit thinking things are done the same way.  I also still get phone books, at least two a year!

You should be spending your time looking for a job, unemployment doesn’t last forever.  Or didn’t you qualify since you got fired?


Page 130 of the packet for Monday night:

The Council will approve the prevailing wage rates for McLean County.  Every county gets their own rates.

It’s a State law that government must pay “prevailing wage”:

Worker’s have a sweet deal.  They got government to guarantee their wages in exchange for votes and help keeping Democrats in office.  In return government has to build things and shuffle paperwork so they get paid.  How many state workers does it take to publish the “prevailing rates”?  How many more to enforce proper payment?  Look at the documents, it’s not that easy to comply.

See why Illinois is bankrupt?


5 thoughts on “Slick Willy, Nonsense, and more

  1. The Prevailing Wage Law is a payback to the unions that we all continue to pay dearly for. Why shouldn’t every contractor determine the wage for their employees? And worse yet, the Prevailing Wage Law ensures that only union contractors can be awarded the bid taking the free market out of play.


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