It’s Official: Tari hates Capitalism

By:  Diane Benjamin

Capitalism has lifted millions of people around the globe out of poverty.  It’s the perfect formula for success:  I have a widget that you want.  You give me something of value for the widget.  Both of us are happy.  With the Internet, exchanging things of value is possible across the globe.

If government stays out of the process even more people will prosper.  The only job government has is making sure the fair exchanges aren’t hampered with regulations and red tape.  Government’s job is not to parent people by dictating what transactions they will allow.

If four years of Tari crony capitalism hasn’t convinced you his meddling in the economy is taking Bloomington down, his comments in Sunday’s bird-cage liner should seal the deal.

Renner thinks the $1 million+ spent locally on video gaming each week should be spent somewhere else.

I wonder if Tari is willing to give up the $730,000 in taxes the City collected last year.  Tari also claimed liquor law enforcement associated with gaming cost much more than that.  Of course he couldn’t provide any documentation.  I wonder if the Assistant Police Chief stills has a job since he is quoted in the story disagreeing with Renner.

Tari doesn’t think people should be allowed to decide for themselves where they want to spend their money.  He wants to decide for you, that’s why taxes have skyrocketed.  Obviously plebes aren’t capable of choosing acceptable to Tari entertainment.

I wonder where Tari wants you to spend your money?  The Coliseum?  ( It won’t be renamed until the Council votes tonight)  The BPCA?  Some other location forced to add a 4% Amusement Tax?

The “structural deficit” problem Tari has failed to fix will magically reappear soon.  He will ask the Council to approve stealing even more of your money.  City employees need raises, pensions need spiked, gold plate insurance needs paid for, the soccer kids need a complex, the library needs a new building, Public Works needs one too, City Hall needs replaced.

See the Pantagraph story HERE

Many quotes are included for which Renner can’t provide proof.  Is the Pantagraph intentionally making Renner look like a liar, or are imaginary facts now news?

The City can’t figure out why the last Sales Tax increase didn’t fill their coffers.  It’s really simple!  When government takes more, people have less to spend.  Capitalism is stymied by the people who should be protecting it.

Tari, maybe video gaming is popular because it’s cheap entertainment and it’s all a lot of people can afford now.







8 thoughts on “It’s Official: Tari hates Capitalism

  1. Dont count on video gaming be cheap too much longer. My guess, King Tari and his court jesters will rehash the Video Gaming tax! Another place your tax dollars will go is global warming. King Tari just signed a document last week and you can guarantee that a global warming tax will be coming soon! How soon before King Tari starts taxing air people breath? How soon before all Bloomington streets have toll booths on them to collect a tax on?


  2. Are you sure this Pantagraph article wasn’t pulled from the archives and slightly edited? Or, is Renner’s recorded rhetoric relooping?


  3. So let me get this straight, Tari blames video game machines for liquor issues. He then says we have “thousands” of dollars related to liquor-caused issues; however, neither is associated with video gaming. One was noise issues at a bar, the other wasn’t the person arrested at a place like Denny’s? So really, there is no correlation between the two.

    Renner also claims the revenue from gaming only pays for four police officers. Well, that’s four more than weren’t paid before. I doubt everyone coming to town that plays those is a citizen of Bloomington. So congrats, you now had money spent in your town by out-of-towners: truck drivers, people visiting friends/relatives, vacationers/travelers, people rom Normal and other nearby cities, etc. It’s the same as people coming to Bloomington and eating or staying in a hotel.

    This is also a joke:
    As the head of the city’s liquor commission, Renner said he sees the “incredible cost to taxpayers in liquor law enforcement.” While he doesn’t have a breakdown of that cost, Renner said it exceeds the city’s share of revenue from the state gaming tax.

    So basically you’re spouting off something, with no proof, as the truth? Not that this is the first time he’s done that, but put this up in the top 10 of whoppers he’s told.

    If Renner can’t get his hand-picked council to fleece more money from businesses to pay for this gold-plated garbage, you know he’s way off the deep end on this.


    1. Someone should apply the Convention & Visitors Bureau’s economic impact formula used for the Coliseum/Arena to the local video gaming industry. Wonder what kind of fanciful figures would be produced.


      1. Perhaps they could fill the arena with video gaming and have it actually make a little money during the droughts when “events” are not taking place. Add a couple side bars, and more food…. It’s a thought, but I am sure they would all fall into a swoon or emit an astonished GASP at the very thought.


  4. Renner is positioning himself to create new fees for video gaming. Not much that man does that can’t be predeicted. If it’s taxes, fees, or spending, Renner is “all in.”


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