Stupidity Chronicles

By:  Diane Benjamin

Today the Pantagraph printed a Letter to the Editor submitted by Roger Hellman.  I’m purposely using his name.  Although he doesn’t say what kind of gun legislation he wants to see, it’s obvious he would be delighted if every gun was confiscated.  See it  HERE

Is the Pantagraph this clueless?  Roger thinks automatic military type weapons are being manufactured in large quantities and sold to the public.

Somebody needs to tell the Pantagraph and Roger automatic weapons are ILLEGAL without a special permit which is almost impossible to get.  Turn off the left wing media and get your own facts.  Don’t use Google though, they admit behind closed doors they limit content they don’t like.  Try Duck Duck Go.

If Roger wants to stop shootings, here’s what needs to happen.  End all Gun Free Zones, they are a shooting gallery for mentally ill and chosen only because nobody will shoot back.  Valuing life is next.  When Life has no meaning, ending somebody else’s is really easy.  Babies are murdered everyday, even when they are viable.  Why is gun violence any different?

Chris Koos and Tari Renner are enjoying Hawaii at your expense.  We know the conference cost $950 to attend.  Tari’s flight cost $1018:

Maybe Koos got a discount since he is presenting:

koos best practice

I wonder if he is going to tell the group he conned taxpayers into buying electricity for those Teslas?  Do we even know how many of those bikes get used?  The ones at BroMenn won’t be worn out anytime soon.

The term “best practice” always makes me laugh.  America was built on innovation and adjusting to changing conditions.  Government thinks there is only one best way to do things and it isn’t up for debate.  It is why they have to be limited to essential services only.  They are barely capable of that!

“Best Practices” is ALL over the agenda.  How can anyone with a brain think there is one solution that fits big, small, and medium cities across the country on any issue?

This presentation sounds fun – especially if paying a lot more to pretend to save the earth is your goal:

100 renew

Shouldn’t the City Councils demand a written report from both mayors stating what they learned and how their vacation was worth taxpayer funding?

Anybody not agree this conference should have been done on the internet?  Obviously saving the environment isn’t important enough to quit flying at taxpayer expense across an ocean.


Send a thank you to Dan Brady for raising the gas tax starting tomorrow!  Another 19 cents for every gallon.  The Democrats wanted it to be bi-partisan so they wouldn’t get blamed.  The Republicans complied.

Ask Dan what happened to the money when registrations went from $48 to $101?  Tomorrow they jump to $150.

Send thanks to Bill Brady, Jason Barickman, Chapin Rose too.

See the Senate vote:

See the House vote:

This bill was one of those shell bills that started off as something completely different.  Democrats just erased the original language and stuck the gas tax in instead.  They didn’t want to waste time in committee actually debating slamming taxpayers.

A total of 20 Republicans in the Senate voted to steal your money while ignoring the pension elephant which is the real reason no money exists for essential services.  It won’t be long until the State does nothing but fund pensions and pay medicaid providers.

Got you move date yet?  There isn’t enough money for the Illinois government that only exists to buy votes with your money.  It’s a joke even AFSCME keeps repeating that 97% will pay less income tax when the progressive tax goes into affect.  They will say whatever is required now that they received huge wage increases.  If you haven’t heard, the new Chicago mayor wants a big piece of that tax increase to pay her pensions.  The rest of the State will be penalized because Chicago elects Democrats election after elections.  Ready for New Illinois yet?  (details soon)

The Pantagraph has a really crappy search engine.  The Zimmerman stories weren’t deleted, I thought his name was Kurt.  It’s Kirk.  The stories should have been located by “Zimmerman”, they weren’t.



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  1. I read that reg fees increase January 1st. Maybe it changed or they’re gouging us with something else!

  2. Sorry, keep having trouble with my WordPress login. Just wanted to add that even when someone is able to get a license to own a full-auto firearm, it also has to be one that was manufactured before May of 1986. So his claim about newly manufactured full-auto is bullshit on top of his bullshit.

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  3. Sidebar: Bike Share 309, eh? Is it s coincidence that WGLT recently eliminated its long-running weekend Blues music programming and substituted a new thing called “Route 309”, a mixture of mostly forgettable Alt/Pop now broken up by the usual tedious leftist navel-gazing NPR programs (“News” with a sound track)? Talk about a station shooting itself in the foot…

  4. Seems that ANYTIME WGLT gets some good programs, they take them off and put on some mindless drivel!
    Koos and Tari WANT sustainable? How about tearing out ALL the power lines in town and putting in solar, like they do in Alaska, since it’s remote there, it’s cheaper to use solar then run lines. we could also get rid of the Rivian plant, as it houses ALL those polluting recalled diesel VW’s and it’s a waster of GOOD farmland. And FINALLY, we could eliminate streets ALL TOGETHER, and close them off and ban cars and bicycles and make everyone WALK! We’d save a million a month just from Dis-connect transit alone! And MAYBE buy GAS-X for all the dairy cows in the county, so they quit their global warming methane emissions.

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