Rauner did this – Homeland Security

By:  Diane Benjamin

When Jose Rodriguez was arrested last week for the fatal accident his fingerprints were run through the FBI database.  That tipped off Homeland Security who issued an immigration detainer for him.

Because Illinois’ former governor signed the Trust Act, McLean County could not hold him for ICE.  The retainer was signed by an immigration officer instead of a judge.  Homeland Security knew when they sent it McLean County could not comply with the order.

Rodriguez was quickly bailed out.  He has a court date July 11 according to the 14 day docket:  http://webapp.mcleancountyil.gov/webapps/PublicAccess/TwoWeekDocketCriminalTraffic.htm

Homeland Security must not have really wanted him detained or a judge would have signed the order.

See the order HERE

Democrats can’t be blamed for everything in Illinois when a Republican Governor diminishes the rights of real citizens by signing a document to protect illegal aliens.








12 thoughts on “Rauner did this – Homeland Security

  1. It is beyond my comprehension that cities and states can override federal laws. What are the chances he will actually appear in court…..ever? How about you? Me? Hit n run and some organization makes our bail? Never! I am so disappointed in our failure to follow the laws or just change the law.
    On a side note, spent the last two weeks in B/N. I drove all over and never found one street in good repair…..NOT ONE! The lowest priority for endless years and used daily by every citizen and traveler coming thru. Reading of countless wasted dollars paid for nonsense and taxes, for a non-tax entity, and no regard for the upkeep of fundamental and basic infrastructure. Do your elected see any pride of responsibility apparent in the look of towns who cant monitor and keep their roads in repair. The condition of your town reflects the concern of your elected. PITIFUL.

    1. Schmalshof,
      City’s and States can override federal Laws as we live in a Representative Republic. Our constitution reserves any and all powers not directly granted to the Federal Government to the States and Municipalities (See the 10th Amendment). We need to work on fixing our local government and not trying to expand the federalist powers.

      On the Streets, I would suggest you shoot down Front street between Main and Center. The Busses have not yet rutted and destroyed it so the new asphalt is nice and smooth. Just has stop signs every 100 feet so you can’t build up any speed on it to enjoy it now.

      1. Interesting. I’m already speculating of a local group and/or politician or two. But, let’s see what happens.

  2. Precisely why Rauner is now a former governor. Thank God I moved to Mississippi last September.

  3. Several years ago a young nurse was driving and was killed in a crash (not her fault). The other driver was an illegal from Mexico. He fled back across the border. Last I heard, the government was still searching for him.

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