Florida guy tells Normal how to act

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal has hired a guy name Lyle Sumek many times to tell them how to do their jobs.  Since his office is in Florida, they are probably paying his travel expenses too:  http://lylesumek.com/

I wonder why his office is in Florida?  Lower taxes?

Are the people you elected incapable of governing?  Is that “professional staff” Koos and company frequently reference not capable of competent leadership and management of taxpayer money?

Why do they have to frequently bring Lyle in to tell them what to do?

In March Sumek was paid almost $25,000, I wonder what his charge was for June 7th?    https://blnnews.com/2019/03/18/wrong-track-normal/ 

It looks like he was brought in to instruct Karyn Smith and Stan Nord on how to be a member of the Council who doesn’t make waves!  The minutes are in the packet for tonight:  http://normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/3341

More Best Practices:

best sumek

Since Lyle Sumek didn’t elect Stan and Karyn, I suspect his expensive blathering will receive the respect it deserves.  







11 thoughts on “Florida guy tells Normal how to act

  1. A BS specialist to advise Fuhrer Koos on how best to #1 How to completely screw up the town (it’s working) #2 How best to BS your way through everything that you are not smart enough to deal with #3 Enabling Fuhrer Koos to spend more time “representing the community” in places like Hawaii.

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  2. They would be better served attending a seminar on Robert’s Rules of Order rather than the Lyle Sumek King Koos Brown Nose Camp. As mentioned, the pepole elcted them, not Koos. Chris Koos is a parasite on the community. Koos arrogance know no bounds.

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  3. This is the ultimate admission that Koos doesn’t know how to lead nor deal with any dissenting opinion. Lyle was handpicked by Koos to tell this audience (and others) what Koos wants them to hear. A third-party allows Koos to claim that he’s not pressuring anyone on the Council while claiming this is what “experts say…” this is the best way to run a community. Kayrn and Stan are not stupid. This exercise only makes Koos and his sockpuppets (yes, that’s you, Kathleen) look even worse to taxpayers and voters. It seems like everyday voters are validated for their decision to elect people that actually care about taxpayers.

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  4. If Karyn Smith and Stan Nord refuse to join the cabal that runs Normal, refuse to be “the right fit”, then they must have strong support from the citizenry or their efforts will fail.

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      1. I attend meetings when I can and always make a point of thanking Stan and Karyn, and sometimes others, afterwards. Any expression of support is appreciated, I’m sure. And of course voting out incumbents next election would be the best show of support.

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  5. This is one of the many ways we see our money given to leftist progressive communists. This is how they get wealthy, at the expense of taxpayers, with ZERO actually marketable skills. The learn Rules for Radicals inside and out, and teach others how to follow along. This guy is one of many who are “employed” in “pretend” jobs, to enable them to buy a car, buy a house, have the “appearance of credibility.”


  6. This is seriously FUNNY! Koos is off in Hawaii at a conference for “shakers and movers” and meanwhile, UPTOWN hires a guy to tell them HOW to shake and move. Who’s BS’ing who here?? Talk about a Chinese fire drill..

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