Why was Renner’s cost more than Koos?

By:  Diane Benjamin

From Bills and Payroll for 7/23/2018  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=18360

PCard charge for Tari Renner –  Hotel only, US Conference of Mayors in Boston:

Since Tari doesn’t have a PCard, it must have been booked with this card. 3 nights for Chris Koos including two charges at the hotel’s Champion Sports Bar was only $1209.99.    https://blnnews.com/2018/07/13/normal-we-must-entertain-and-more/

FOIA filed

Other Boston expenses:

EMPLOYEE Picnic – charged to Community Relations, but the community wasn’t invited.

One month Legal Expense – keep in mind Bloomington used to have their own lawyer for what the Springfield law firm gets in 2-3 months.

The BCPA provides no event reports, we have no idea is any events make money. I wonder what this is?

This is normally paid monthly, why 3 months at once?  Was the City out of funds?



17 thoughts on “Why was Renner’s cost more than Koos?

  1. It takes advanced education and training to pay $200 more per night than Koos. And what did either town get for this $3,000? Nothing but photo ops (rainbow parade) and liberal nonsense to spread back here.

      1. I have NEVER stayed anywhere where it was 200 more for double occupancy.. not ANYWHERE ever. I could see that if it was some opulent Gold plated place in Dubai maybe where a ” temporary companion” comes with the room (with a little word with the concierge or bellboy), but Boston? Uh no.

  2. Come on folks! Face the facts.. Tari is going to spend, spend, spend as LONG as he can at these “get togethers” and since it’s NOT his money he does NOT care about the cost, since you’re paying for it.
    He exhibited that behavior WHEN he had a Pcard, why should he quit now?? I’m sure before he gets run out of office there will be MANY more expenses of questionable nature on his tab.. He’s a danger to the city coffers..
    Heck, we probably even paid for his rainbow “lei” he was wearing at the conference..

  3. These costs are simply insane only self centered and self important people with absolutely NO consideration for others could rack up costs like this. Full stop. It, and THEY are a disgrace and should be removed if only for this sort of spending, and God knows there are plenty more reasons as well that they need GONE. Also the providers they choose for their little excursions should be changed. I would LOVE to have representatives that were frugal and not so demanding that they must have the most expensive lodging and meals and the like. This is what happens when people fall for charlatans and people who dress well but have NO substance whatsoever to their characters, and that describes LOTS of “politicians” these days. They are simply facades with NOTHING behind the doors.

  4. Interesting that I find that a “River View” room is $600+ a night for this weekend. Rates are the same single or double occupancy, but view and location above ground cause changes. I am sure he had to book a room over the river for Margo’s sake. The price is obscene for a public servant and his live in friend. What a putz.

      1. Based on his alleged behavior in Japan, it doesn’t seem to make much difference. Just sayin’.

    1. It is possible that Renner made reservations at the last minute and the special-rate block of rooms were already taken. Just inconsiderate, wasteful spending on his part.

  5. The FOIA will reveal the truth – I will be waiting – no matter what the reason, the little sewer rat took advantage of Other people’s money one way or another. There is not a humble (or frugal) bone in that man’s body.

  6. Bottom line. The little czar could get a room at the local Holiday Inn or the Red Roof and save us ALL a bunch of money, and ALL he’s going to do is SLEEP there, RIGHT? So WHY spend $300 on a room that you are NOT using.
    My friend from CA was in town last weekend for the 3rd Sunday market and stayed @ Jumers for $65 a night with a KING bed AND breakfast voucher. SOOOO.
    ASK some questions here. DO we NEED a downtown hotel, and WHAT was Tari doing?

  7. Per diem poliicy would help in this situation. “We’ll reimburse xxx dollars per night. If you want to spend more, then it’s on you.”

    1. Agreed – check local COL and let him have accordingly I guarantee I could have 3 pretty ok meals a day in Boston for 25 bucks a day total. Would it be “fine dining”? No, but adequate and tasty Tarry doesn’t even know how to buy food for himself is my guess and has NO concept of the way the “peasants” get by. He needs to learn, but he won’t.

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