Break time!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The stories I’ve researched lately have been exhausting!  I need a break today, everything I’ve been researching is too depressing to ruin this lovely day.

I’m taking time off to play outside!

Meanwhile, the proposed sports complex must already be dead.  Chris Koos promised to have the presentation on Normal’s website yesterday, it still isn’t there.




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5 thoughts on “Break time!

  1. Enjoy your well earned time off. The weather prediction for the rest of the week is the same.
    I do not think the sport complex is dead. Regardless, the materials need to be posted in the Town’s website eventually. The Pantagraph published the consultant’s report on Tuesday.


  2. Enjoy the beautiful day!
    I’ll try to get a subscription donation set up this week. To all the readers here: You get twice as much Real news here as in the Pantagraph, and that bleep costs $5/month and up, depending on details – Isn’t supporting McLean County’s seemingly last journalistic outlet worth at least that much to you?
    Not sure if the complex is already a done deal and all the recent activity is just the usual CYA formalities or if they’re at least catching Some clue and yesterday’s theorists are correct that they’ve decided on something lesser (that’s probably still a bad idea, but it’s already been decided) and this is laying the groundwork for that. The latter does have some credibility, since I thought the board member questions after the presentation were not nearly as softball as I would have expected…

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