Black Lives Matter Bloomington-Normal Press Release

There are two Black Lives Matter groups in town – BloNo and Bloomington-Normal.  I asked Kimberly Veal why, this was her response:

You are correct! There are two local Black Lives Matter groups. 

We plan to hold a townhall as well as a LIVE podcast to address these questions. We’re preparing a statement that will announce the dates and times. The podcast will be LIVE and people will be allowed to call into the show. The general public is invited to the townhall.

Having two groups only increases our ability to assist those impacted by state sanctioned violence. There are no significant differences as both groups are working with the community. This allows us to focus on even more ways to facilitate social justice. This should be celebrated.
The Press Release below refers to “state sanctioned violence”.  I also asked Kimberly what that meant.  This was her response:
Acts of violence committed, perpetuated, implied, and encouraged by an authority figure, and official state, federal, military government outside of the context of a declared war, which target civilians or show a disregard for civilian life in attacking targets (people, organizations, or facilities).

Some examples would be poverty, lack of educational opportunities, failed and flawed judicial system, lack of employment opportunities, institutional and systemic racism, and much more.
Below is the press release, keep comments educational or they will be deleted:

Black Lives Matter Bloomington-Normal (BNI) Anti-Violence Community Rally

Black Lives Matter Bloomington-Normal (BNI) will hold an anti-violence rally on July 20, 2018 from 5:00pm-7:00pm at the Miller Park Sound Stage in response to the intra-communal violence that has most recently taken place in the Bloomington-Normal communities. Members of the community will speak about the latest occurrences of violence that have rocked the Bloomington-Normal communities. We are asking that the community come to together to address violence, voice their truth, offer solutions, and work toward healing the community.

The rally will include local residents, artists, and leaders. This is just the beginning of a community dialogue that’s going to help to facilitate solutions and new beginnings for those who are disenfranchised by state sanctioned violence. We are challenging the community to come together to discuss the racism, lack of economic opportunities, lack of educational opportunities, lack of jobs, lack of fair and affordable housing, lack of job opportunities, lack of job training, lack of mental health care programs, lack of affordable healthcare, lack of affordable child care, and much more that is fueled and perpetuated by state sanctioned violence.

Black Lives Matter Bloomington-Normal (BNI)


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27 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Bloomington-Normal Press Release

  1. State Sanctioned Violence???? You mean like not telling who shot up the party across from Lowe’s and committed murder? Where they the government? Keep up the lies BLM but don’t dare look in a mirror. You may find the killer!

  2. I suspect there is a new blm group because many in the black community feel the original group betrayed black people by aligning with Not in Our Town and giving up some control to upper middle class white people. Instead of the focus on issues that concern the black community they are distracted by arguments about open borders, abolishing ICE, climate change, progressive income tax. The original local black lives matter group sold out.

  3. Interesting? “Acts of violence committed, perpetuated, implied, and encouraged by an authority figure, and official state, federal, military government outside of the context of a declared war, which target civilians or show a disregard for civilian life in attacking targets (people, organizations, or facilities).” = “Some examples would be poverty, lack of educational opportunities, failed and flawed judicial system, lack of employment opportunities, institutional and systemic racism, and much more.” The aforementioned are “acts of violence?” …. in what alternative universe is poverty an act of violence? I thought Black lives Matters was all about the outrage when black people get killed by white police officers? No it is about the entire government and the white culture committing acts of violence (lack of employment opportunities, poverty, racism, etc) on black folks? As a side note: The first quote appears to be lifted from a description of how an authoritarian or totalitarian government deals with descent… (Last line redacted!)

  4. I am a little confused. If all of these issues are as stated: “Acts of violence committed, perpetuated, implied, and encouraged by an authority figure, and official state, federal, military government outside of the context of a declared war, which target civilians or show a disregard for civilian life in attacking targets (people, organizations, or facilities).
    Some examples would be poverty, lack of educational opportunities, failed and flawed judicial system, lack of employment opportunities, institutional and systemic racism, and much more.”

    What is the positive answers to remedy these issues? I have faced many of these same examples in my life. I grew up in near poverty, I had to work full time to attend the university, and full time meant 40 plus hours a week, I did not get grants or free rides in spite of how poor my family. We used the bus for most of our transportation, or a friendly neighbor. I have been unemployed several times with little prospects of employment, I have experience racism in that one local company could only hire me if I were a black woman because of a quota imposed by the Federal Government of hiring minorities.

    I still am not wealthy and it is hard to make ends meet most times, but I don’t want to be a slave to the government and live off those that pay taxes for my food, housing, transportation and communication needs. I value my Freedom.

    I hear reports of protests, but I seldom, if ever, hear about resolutions from the protestors or their leaders. Certainly the Representatives an Senators who have the power to make change have never had concern about anyone’s needs except their own desires and wants. Non of the political parties desire to resolve these issues if it means that even they will receive equal pay and benefits.

    So what is the answer? The answer is to change the hearts of all of us, including those elected and ruling, One day that will happen, but it will only come when the King of Kings rules this world.

  5. This is very confusing. Having two separate BLM groups who may have different agendas will undoubtedly result in misunderstandings. Has the “new” group formed in order to distance itself from the “coalition?” Is the Rally meant to include all races in the dialogue?
    Over 50% of the families of all races whose children attend District 87 qualify for government assistance. Many Bloomington residents of all races are facing the lack of economic and educational opportunities, mental health care, etc. Accusing the government of “sanctioned violence” when the government provides tax funded services like housing vouchers, food stamps and Medicaid seems like “biting the hand that feeds.”
    I am not dismissing the plight of the poor or “people of color,” but the government only guarantees the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The rest is up to the individual.

  6. If black lives matter is your objective why don’t you focus on why blacks commit such a high percentage of crime, why blacks kill so many of their own, and why blacks abort more children than are born?

  7. Some folks are truly downtrodden, many simply refuse to take responsibility for their own predicament. Identify the problem, put your nose to the grindstone and rise above. Blaming others (while living off of others) is so much easier.

  8. (2) Black Lives Matter groups, Commies at the Arts Festival, Sanctuary City resolutions, Pink Hair, Teddy Bear, Jenn and Tari are all examples of just how completely the Left has taken over Bloomington-Normal. Decent people are leaving (or hoping they can very soon). The decline is probably irreversible now. The Community is going to become a very depressing, dangerous, crime ridden, and thoroughly Marxist place. What a shame!

    1. You are so spot on it ain’t even funny! BLM was born out of a false narrative. Why it didn’t die a quick death is beyon me. Maybe it will take a million cuts..

    2. Maggie you are correct. Koos and Renner were tasked with it and they are teaching their goal. Very sad.

  9. I am the kind of person who will not tell you good luck…. the reason is simple…. what has carried me through my entire work life and to this very day is a really simple thing…. I don’t need anyone to wish me good luck… because since I started working at age 9 mowing lawns… it seems that the harder I work the luckier I get! I never got anything for free and never expected anything for free. It seems we have a whole lot of young people today who just want everything handed to them.

  10. The lack of empathy on this blog and in the comments is astounding. I’ll say it again. You guys are mean. Does implicit, or even overt bias and racism mean nothing to any of you? Try picturing living your life as a person in color in this country and show some compassion. Especially those of you who call yourselves Christians.

    1. @Rich–Yes, racism is not acceptable to me but neither is entitlement. There are several PoC in this community who are successful and respected. How was that accomplished? I dare to say, by hard work–probably working harder than their white counterparts. Some benefited from diversity quotas. Regardless, they earned their success. Many have been mentors to others.
      The thing about empathy, Rich, is to not make the other person feel inferior by doing for them but rather helping them to accomplish their goals on their own. Perhaps those who are unskilled chose not to do the work necessary to graduate from public school. There are jobs for unskilled laborers. Take that job. Show up on time everyday. Save $$ to go to trade school or community college. The cycle of poverty will be broken but it takes a lot of work and perseverance. Success is not free. Taking personal responsibility generates self-esteem and is empowering.
      A life of violence solves nothing especially violence against people in your own neighborhood. Following the rules (law) goes a long way to earn respect. And, showing respect is usually reciprocated. Claiming that “State sanctioned violence” causes poverty is divisive and in no way advances community dialogue.

    2. Rich you’re still avoiding the questions that I ask you. You’re not here for discussing matters or exploring the other side of things. As far as I am concerned Rich you’re a fake. You’re just here to stir people up which is as mean as they come.

      1. Boot Rich? Yeah, I think I’d take away his candy for his own good. I wouldn’t want to support his addiction to his cut and run tactics, avoiding any discussion on topic. Let the troll stick with his ilk and comment at the local bird cage liner that booted me years ago, lol. Hopefully this is good-bye Rich and as they say, don’t let the door hit you in your arse on the way out!

      2. Sleep well Rich and goodbye! (until you change your name again) Note: You don’t have opinions, you have FEELINGS or just bombs to throw. Neither is constructive and just a waste of time.

    3. No Rich – No empathy for a “movement” that was predicated on a lie. Hand up don’t shoot was a proven lie. Even Obama and Holder’s DOJ exonerated the officer involved. All Lives Matter and yes…. It is OK to be white, yellow, red, black or any color. Equality for all, not special treatment for some is what America is about. We ain’t there yet, but BLM isn’t helping the cause much.

  11. OK! I was BORN on the WEST side at the OLD St Joseph Hospital! The neighborhood HAS changed a lot since my childhood.. First off, I don’t mean to sound racist as I have MANY friends from the OLD west side that are black, and VERY respectable folks. YOU know who you are. Irving School was where MOS T of us went to get “learned” We got along-NO problem. And we talked about this kind of stuff YEARS back. SO, let’s advance 40 years. to the “lack of income” neighborhoods, and WHY they have so much happening there. Seems that a certain Judy Markowitz brought down a lot of “folks” from Chicago that were NOT locals. THEY created the trouble. Also, in the CURRENT world it seems to me that WHEN there’s a shooting/killing, the people KNOW each other or are familiar with each other, so, MAYBE they need to have some go betweens or “peacekeepers” to watch over them.
    As for Black Lives matter, that is VERY RACIST, as ALL LIVES MATTER!!! I wish folks would look at THAT and go HUMMMM.. Seems the LATEST incident was a black male on the streets of Chicago CARRYING a gun on his hip. SO, ask yourself these questions. WHAT THE HELL is this guy doing carrying a gun in the streets of Chicago where you can’t even buy spray paint? He AIN’T going deer hunting with a hand gun. He’s in NO danger or threat of his OWN life, and when stopped by the police, HE chose to run and BREAK the law-thereby getting shot. THAT is NOT violence on the part of the police. I’m SURE they ORDERED him to STOP. Which he did not. (fleeing and eluding) And WHY does ANYONE need a hand gun in a holster in Chicago? I’m betting he was getting ready to do a hold up or KILL some one. So in that light the police DID THEIR JOB! TO SERVE AND PROTECT! So taking all that into perspective, I guess I’m just “ole skool” and believe in the ole saying-DO UNTO OTHERS. And I don’t need no gun.. Ain’t that right Charlie the gopher!!!

    1. Of course you realize Conceal ad Carry does exist. In Chicago. Many CCW in owners carry a firearm in the city.The former Home Rule prohibition doesn’t exist anymore.

  12. Can someone explain to me how Mayor Judy moved people from Chicago to Bloomington? I was a victim of Judy’s gettoazation of Bloomington. I moved to a condo on Tracy Dr around 1998. Ten years later I had to move out of Tracy Dr. Too much human debris moved to the neighborhood. The value on my condo nose dived. I recovered some of the cost by renting it out for the last 10 years. It’s sad. Tracy Dr was a good neighborhood to move to for a first home. It’s a getto now.

  13. The new BLM group has the official sanction of the national organization. BLM BLONO only has the sanction of NIOT. Bloomington is not big enough for two BLM groups. NIOT should do the right thing for the black community and disband BLM BLONO so the real BLM group can operate with no confusion between the two groups.

      1. I looked at their Twitter profile last night… they just retweet things from the Chicago BLM Twitter account…and they have like 17 followers…So they appear to be getting their information and attitude (at least on Twitter) from Chicago. They are not creating content for this area… Very few original tweets… just retweets from Chicago.

      2. Their whole concept is confused due to the hypocritical nature of it. Some looney toons demon-rats must be funding it.

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