Climate Change Question

By:  Diane Benjamin

Hey, it’s Friday.  Time to have some fun.  Emails received by FOIA.

Remember when the US Conference of Mayors was held in Hawaii?  The same people lecturing and taxing to save the environment flew across an ocean to attend.  Mayor Koos attended the Climate Summit held right before it.

Obviously Climate Change isn’t real or they would have met via video conference.  Or maybe the philosophy is:  “Do as I say, not as I do”.  Fossil fuels are impossible to eliminate from American life.  Those claiming they can are lying to you. (unless they want everybody living like cavemen – except them of course)

A citizen in Normal emailed the Mayor with his concerns – who he sent it to is in Koos’s reply:

climate summit

Of course Chris Koos didn’t address any of his concerns – it was a free trip to Hawaii!  I didn’t see any responses from the other Council members copied.

climate summit Koos

Thinking people know Climate Change threats are merely an attempt to take your money, give government more power, and usurp the Constitution.  Climate Change always rates as a low priority in surveys.  Too much is at stake for tyrants.  Media and politicians will continue to claim Armageddon is just decades away.  (Timing is always right after they retire and can’t be held accountable)

This was popular on Facebook a couple days ago:


14 thoughts on “Climate Change Question

  1. So since it was held in conjunction with the Conference of Mayors, it is OK to travel by jet to Hawaii? What a BS non-answer from an elected official. Shamefully disrespectful of the man who took the time to write the email and the concerned taxpayers who were FORCED to pay for this BS vacation for Fuhrer Koos.

    1. That reply was extremely dismissive. Just awful. I’m thankful that these things are seeing the light of day.

  2. “Obviously Climate Change isn’t real or they would have met via video conference.”

    Circular reasoning. The existence of Climate change isn’t hinged on whether someone takes an airplane. It also wouldn’t be non-existent of everyone took row boats to the conference. Conferences are held for networking and the exchange of ideas. How a video conference would work with thousands of people tuning in is questionable. All most every profession has conferences, where people get together shake hands and talk. Those who know climate change is real work towards a fossil fuel free world. Those who don’t stick their heads in the sand and deny science.

    The Fine Folks at the Weather Bureau are/were able to predict were hurricane Dorian made landfall, it’s strength and the path the hurricane took. It was only the president of the United States who didn’t know where the hurricane was heading.

    1. Walter: I would suggest that you, Mayor Koos and other Global Warming or Global Cooling or Climate Change alarmists read up on the results of the Vostok Ice Core samples that were taken in the 1980’s in Antarctica. I’m not a scientist but they basically proved that natural climate change has been ongoing for over 10,000 years in similar cycles. These studies were done by highly-trained climate scientists (not politicians or eco-alarmists) of various countries who were not paid to come up with a specific result. So in other words, climate change does exist but is not the cause of human behaviors as you and others claim. If we got to stick around for another 3,000, 6,000 or 10,000 years, it is likely the planet would still be here in some form supporting some form of life. You and I know the “movement” is all about liberal politics trying to find a bogeyman to explain something that is quite natural. You, Koos and others who want to see fossil fuels removed from the planet likely have a financial stake in the matter. Oil products and by-products will likely be with us in some form for generations since we depend on them for our modern existence.You do realize that oil is a primary component in the production of electric vehicle batteries, don’t you. The jury is along way from rendering a verdict on the overall success of dependable electric transportation for the masses. Time will prove that climate hysteria was just that, hysteria.

    2. The conference Still disproves any belief in climate change as a real issue, even if one sites IRL (in real life) networking as a goal. If it were, the conference would rotate among locations that would minimize travel and thus environmental impact – Hub airports like Chicago, Atlanta, and Denver, or maybe something east or west coast with good train access. Having a climate summit in HI makes it an obvious paid vacation, or at minimum an airfare-paid sightseeing opportunity.

    3. Come on Walter…. be real with us here please. Do you really believe that going to a conference in Hawaii has any benefit for the people of the towns? Really? We all no what these are…. the are fringe benefit junkets that (in the age of information) could be accomplished in a myriad of ways. This is party time! This is fun time on the taxpayers credit card.

      And when it comes to the weather Walter… let’s clear up something that you seemed to be confused about: Climate change and the weather are two distinct things. You can look it up if you want (I wont bore everyone with the definitions).

      And lastly Walter… since you wanted to use this weather thing the president is accused of doing (not sure if it is true since it was only reported on Fake news channels) to take a poke at our great president, I have a suggestion for you. You really need to find something more substantial to complain about our great president going forward. I know the Russian thing, the collusion thing, the Trump is racist thing have all fissiled out and died.

      So after President Trump’s landslide victory in 2020 over which ever Democratic socialist flake they eventually nominate, you will be faced with yet another 4 years of trying to find something to justify your rabid hatred of the finest president America has ever had. Try a little harder Walter because this comment was pretty lame.

  3. I’ve been taking the time to watch the videos of the Normal Town Council meetings. Koos, is just like Tari, an asshole.

    1. Yes… a holy than thou over-bearing I-am-right-shut-up attitude. I have trouble watching and listening to these two entitled socialist flakes.

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