Why Stan got the most votes in Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin

Just to remind you of how the last election turned out in Normal:

stan election

Obviously a lot of people in Normal aren’t happy with the direction the Town has taken.  Obviously the Town isn’t happy with the election since Stan and Karyn are portrayed as villains or clueless whenever possible.

To prove you are not alone, below is another email received by FOIA this likely reflects how a lot of people feel.  Until Normal complies with the law and changes their Public Comment policy, this citizen will not be allowed to read it to the entire Council.  The writer should print off the ruling in this story and read it anyway:  https://blnnews.com/2019/09/05/normals-illegal-public-comment-policy-2/

Tyranny will end in Normal, one more election!  Obviously what’s left of the cabal hasn’t gotten this message:

email to stan

email to stan 2







5 thoughts on “Why Stan got the most votes in Normal

  1. If the election were held today I think Stan and Karyn would have at least another 100 votes each. It’s one thing to campaign on a message, quite another to deliver on it. Stan and Karyn continue to exceed expectations. On top of delivering on promises to hold the line on spending and bring accountability, they have proven to the masses what many of us knew to be true, that Koos and the rubber stamp Town Council have utter contempt for taxpayers, engage in crony dealmaking, and are committed to growing the size and reach of government. Victoria is far from alone. Koos and his cronies are bullies. Keep holding up the mirror to them, Stan and Karyn. Next election will be fun!

  2. The “next election”. How many more students are registered to vote locally than there has been in the past ? It is now register them and instruct them who to vote for. This is the Cook County/Obama system of politics. Interesting to note that the McLean County Democrats now have an annual Obama Legacy Dinner. Democrats, please tell us just what is Obama’s legacy ?

  3. I posted on FB before the election that most local elections are decided by 8-10% of Registered voters. If all registered voters of Normal took the time to educate themselves about who is running and then went and voted we can change the direction of our town. Those of us that wanted the change started it last election. Now that we can see what Stan and Karyn have our interest in mind we need to back candidates in the next election with the same belief and make the change that the tax payers want. Don’t wait start educating yourself now.

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