Off to Hawaii!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll for Monday:

bl 4-22

See the agenda for the US Conference of Mayors here:

palmNote the “Best practices” sessions.  They want everybody to think what works in Los Angeles will work in Bloomington.  Only fools think “best practices” can be determined by people not familiar with local conditions.  Tari and probably Chris Koos will be going anyway.

Remember when the Council talked about doing legal in-house again to save the huge chunks of money sent to Springfield every month?  It was all talk.


Legal salaries are higher because they transferred two people into the department.  The entire legal budget went up 15% though:

legal budget

Monthly checks life this or bigger will continue to be sent to Springfield:

sorling msrch

Remember when Tari said budgets are imaginary?

I found some interesting information in the 2020 budget – PDF pages 32-33

legally binding

Tari, it looks like the budget is set in stone.  Yes, amendments can be made but there is a hitch I have never seen used when amendments are voted on:

budget amendments

I will be watching!

17 thoughts on “Off to Hawaii!

  1. I am surprised Renner has not been advocating like Koos to double his pay as Mayor since he is having to spend so much time traveling on the city’s dime to conferences which do not seem to be adding any benefit to the city’s operation. Can Renner expand on anything he has learned at these conferences that would be an actual benefit to the city?

    Or could the city take the…$10k?…$20k?…he spends on travel and conference registrations each year and use that to help develop high paying jobs or fill potholes? People like when they drive on smooth roads. They like when they can come to town and find solid employment.


    1. They don’t learn anything there. They sit through useless presentations and then go out drinking afterwards. I’m not even exaggerating here either. It’s a big party and it’ll be worse in Hawaii.


  2. Why are the mayors in 49 states going to Hawaii ? Why not bring the mayors in Hawaii to a meeting held somewhere North of Mexico and South of Canada. ? They could a fit in one plane. Maybe B.H. O’Bama could ride along with them.


    1. I’m sure Tari would love to host the convention in Bloomington if only he had a snazzy downtown hotel to accommodate the attendees. I mean we have the rest of the infrastructure down there: a world-class museum, the arena for the main session, high-quality signage, and bars, bars, bars.


  3. That money EACH year he has gone on a JUNKET would go a LONG way toward helping a REAL small business get started, and not some “pie-in-the-sky” Stuff that TARI or the council THINKS we NEED… Wonder WHAT they’ll learn in Hawaii from LA consultants-that we NEED an aquaduct to be more “Romanesque”??
    Meanwhile, the bike lane on Fairway Dr at Empire is progressing nicely.


  4. I’m not sure how our mayor of Boston Tom Menino is still on the presidents board and if this means he’s attending but he passed away 4+ years ago.

    Private companies would look at this location for a meeting to be extremely wasteful for spending of company profits and would locate a centralized location in the US states around the Midwest.

    Wish I worked for a company that had meetings in Hawaii. Never heard of a meeting in my 25 years working for the largest fortune 20 companies to be in Hawaii. Wow!


    1. But Hawaii is a krypto Marxist, one party Democrat, white minority State. It’s their Utopia! You don’t really thing these Leftist Loonies are going to hold a convention in Kentucky or Kansas, do you?


    2. Don’t know if it’s still the case, but State Farm used to send people to professional certification ceremonies, and those wandered around the country. I thought about timing mine to hit a HI trip, but got let go before it mattered that I decided on CA instead.


  5. YEP! Tari’s replacing Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela! And he DON’T care about any collusion, because he’s the head “fixer”… And with HIS record of transparency, it would be a SMOOTH transition! We’ll ALL miss him…

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  6. At first glance, I thought the story was some kind of a joke. Leave it to Lil’ Napoleon to basically flip off the taxpayer and go have another good time with someone else’s money. This dude’s arrogance and ego knows no bounds. If voters don’t get rid of this comedian in the next election then they deserve him. In a sane world, this would be the lead story on local TV and radio and the local papers but not here. Also, seems the P-Card investigation has hit a snag. Betcha the state Democratic organization is throwing up as many barricades on that as possible. Thank God for this blog that keeps some of us informed.

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