Per Tari: Budgets are a figment of your imagination

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari did an interview with WGLT two days ago:  listen to the 2nd link starting around 10:30

None of the below got covered in the WGLT story.

If the current Council thought they were setting a path for spending next year, according to Tari, they are wrong.  He claimed budgets are always subject to change, so chances are really good that the largest budget ever passed in Bloomington is going to get bigger.  He also claimed the new members come with different priorities, so they can’t be bound by those leaving.

First up will be a Water Park to replace O’Neil pool.  That is Tari’s choice, only $20 million dollars.  Tari claims he just need to find the money to make the payments, the debt doesn’t matter.

The host asked Tari if the new Council should wait until next year to make changes.  Per Tari:  NO.  He claims no city he knows of doesn’t make changes when a new Council is seated because they come with different priorities.  (Does that apply in Normal too?)

Tari claims they need to say this is what we have in the budget, can we do more – should we do more.

The answer from the new Council members (minus Donna Boelen) will overwhelmingly be Of Course We Should!

Budgets are now a “Work In Progress” subject to the whims of the Council.

Tari claims thinking budgets are set in stone is a figment of your imagination.

From the claims made by Tari, Master Plans are set in stone, budgeting is merely required by law but otherwise immaterial.


8 thoughts on “Per Tari: Budgets are a figment of your imagination

  1. Interviews regarding Bloomington should be with the city manager. The duty of the City Council is to run things and plan things in conjunction with the city manager. This is not the domain of the mayor. I have often wondered if those magnetic two piece glasses have different lenses. That would explain a person not seeing things clearly and being a bit dizzy at times. Mayor Renner It is time for some new glasses.


    1. Has nothing to do with the glasses. He is stupid and functionally illiterate….neither of which can be fixed.


  2. Budgets should have some flexibility – you cite Normal as a prime example. On that point, I have to agree with Our Feckless Leader. He may be wrong about nearly everything else, including Why budgets should have flexibility, but I’ll give the devil his due on this one.


  3. If there ever was or ever will be or might be right now, the IWU Think Tank Chair can be “seen” thinking, “Look! It doesn’t matter how that nut job does it or what he does, as long as we get what WE want.”


  4. Don’t NEED a budget when you have a Pcard!
    As for “Transparent Tari” I can see better through a brick wall, then this council. NONE of the sitting members represent WE THE PEOPLE. Example: They are tearing up Fairway, to put in bike lanes-NOT NEEDED, while a block north the street is a wagon trail.
    Yes, Tari, councils change and so do BUDGETS, when people have had ENOUGH! You and Koos SHOLD pay MORE attention to the last election results, or as stated above, MAYBE that magnetic strip in your glasses has already erased your memory..


    1. Understanding and accepting the Taxin’ Tari method of ideology notedly Deceive to Achieve makes it easy to see right through him and his intentions. Thus, transparency. You just got to get on his wave length and the next step he takes becomes becomes very predictable. Taxin’ Tari is transparent, just not in the way that old school thinking would aprrovr. Even as a little child his mama probably said to him, “Now little Tari wipe that smirk off your face, mama knows what you are thinking and don’t do it.” As the little booger scampered off zig zagging through the neighborhood looking for something to destroy.

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