March losses at the BCPA

By:  Diane Benjamin

Did the BCPA have only held 3 events during March?   Only 3 reports are listed on the City website.  All three lost money and had dismal attendance:


Other events took place according to the event calendar:

Zero transparency for those.

The losses above do not include salaries and other operating expenses.  The Council passed a budget for next year handing them your money anyway:

Your sales tax was increased to fund the BCPA.

All of the below are from the 2020 Budget:

BCPA salaries



More MUST SEE propaganda on PDF page 164

Information about the Creativity Center is on page 165.

Management was transferred to Parks and Rec to pretend it doesn’t have to make money or even break even.

(Wonder why the roads can’t get fixed?  Wonder why the gas tax is going up again May 1st?  You are looking at why.)

5 thoughts on “March losses at the BCPA

  1. Time to close this venue. Should be self sustaining. Tired of my taxes be used so a handful of people have jobs or can be entertained at my expense.

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  2. Diane, you mention the gas tax at the end and that got me thinking. Mayor Koos has stated recently that once Bloomington raises the gas tax, then Normal will follow. But do you think that with Nord and Smith on the new council, that could change?


  3. Where does the money go when people have private events at the BCPA? Wasn’t the Passion play happening in March? That money is going somewhere. It sure isn’t going back into the BCPA. I’m Tilting in a certain direction.


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