Update #2:  Free Film tonight at Normal Theater

Al Gore is in the movie!  His activism on climate change made him filthy rich.  That says it all.  Funny how he didn’t make the preview.

From another reader who walked out after an hour – the theme was capitalism doesn’t work.  No surprise there!

Another reader claimed an IWU professor required a class to attend and write a three page paper on the movie.


By:  Diane Benjamin

If you look at the Normal Theater’s calendar, this film isn’t on it:

calendarYou have to click Now Showing to find it:

normal over

You can watch the trailer here:  https://vimeo.com/ondemand/normalisover1newversion

The website claims the film will offer SOLUTIONS to global decline.

One review claims this movie is “A must see for decision makers”.

One problem:

The globe is not in decline because people find solutions to problems.

The old pessimists made very poor forecasts. Famine did not kill millions of people. The air in developed countries got cleaner, not dirtier. The world produced more food, not less. The prices of oil and other commodities did not soar persistently. The pessimists missed how technological improvement would enable the world to grow more food, use fewer finite resources per unit of production, and improve environmental quality all at the same time. Those technological improvements didn’t just happen, but were the result of people finding better ways to do things.


Yes there are still problems to solve, there always will be.  Where are problems made worse?  Where are problems solved?

Look at governments.   Decision makers either allow problem solving by its population or prevent it.   Citizens are leaving Illinois in droves because of the people who will love this movie.

If anybody goes, please recap if for me!


20 thoughts on “Update #2:  Free Film tonight at Normal Theater

  1. It’s crap like this that spreads mis-information and the “less informed” eat it up. I can imagine they’ll ALL drive their EV cars or Toyota there to view it, even though an AIRBUS gets BETTER milage per miles travelled/people transported, then a Toyota!! It will spread “fake news” about how farmers are polluting the world with excess this and that-REALLY? Think about it, does any SANE person use more of ANYTHING then is needed, especially at the high cost of farming “enhancements” The farmer just don’t go out and throw stuff down, it’s well measured.. I suppose that AOC and her “cow methane” will make an appearance also. All of which takes away ANY credibility from an intellectual aspect of this kind of showing.
    Wonder IF it will touch on the Permian die-off and “climate change” then, when 90% of the worlds species went extinct, and we weren’t around yet..
    “There are no SIMPLE solutions, only INTELLIGENT choices”

  2. I unfortunately have other plans but this does pique my interest. If they’re not promoting it, does that mean it actually takes a sensible, scientific approach to global warming and a pragmatic, solutions-based approach to any remediation? That truly would make it a ‘must-see for decision-makers’, but it also means they probably wouldn’t allow it to be shown in the first place.

      1. You need glacier melting explained to you? Natural climate change like ice ages is irrelevant to the current warming. We know why ice ages come and go. That is due to changes in the Earth’s orbit around the sun, changes that take thousands of years. The warming that is occurring now, over just a few decades, cannot possibly be caused by such slow-acting processes. But it can be caused by man-made changes in the greenhouse effect.

        What do SUV’s have to do with anything? I also find it amazing that you’re critiquing a film that you and your reader are too lazy to watch.

  3. By next election if Marc Tiritilli (sp?) takes out Koos and a couple less lunatics are defeated on (trustee, joke) council then the title of the film, “Normal is Over” just might not happen. Otherwise citizens of Normal if you’re reading, ya all are pretty much over. What an ironic title! Lol.

  4. FREE???? Hardly!!! As a Normal resident I get to pay for propaganda like this through my taxes. I wonder how much the Normal Theatre costs the taxpayers per year? At least I am not paying for Mike Matejka’s disaster of a Coliseum or the BCPA! Small consolation isn’t it?

  5. @ Richard Sommerville: Dude if ya’ all are so concerned about wasted energy please address the FACT that the U.S. military consumes about half the fuel. You libs are so uninformed if it wasn’t so sad, it’d almost be funny. Anyway, red wave in 2020, thanks to ya’ all’s idiocy! Thanks! 🙂

  6. Continental drift and the shifting globe, sun spots and other “orbital” features changes the climate of EVERYWHERE , every so often, even the earth itself wobbles on its axis so much that in 26,000 years VEGA will be the North Star instead of Polaris. The universe is NOT a “static” place! Black Holes do more in a day then ALL of earth in it’s history..

  7. “Since the topic can not be discussed, it isn’t science. Have another glass of koolaid”

    What isn’t science? What can’t be discussed?

    It is a fact that the last glaciation took hundreds of thousand of years to end. That how the great lakes were carved out among other geological features. The last end of glaciation occurred because of the shifting of the Earth in relation to the Sun. That’s call science.

    The other fact is that millions ARE starving in the Horn of Africa. It is also a fact that a major cyclone hit and decimated Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, at least 3 million people have been affected by Cyclone Idai. I find it really disturbing that you’re writing about a film you haven’t seen and are refusing to view. How can you criticize a film that you’re belittling and maligning that you haven’t viewed? It’s like a kid writing a book report on a book he hasn’t read. If you were honest you go and see the film and withhold your comments to after the viewing.The rest of the commenters posting should do the same.



      1. Excuse me, you claimed that millions weren’t starving. That’s clearly wrong, in Africa and Bangladesh millions are starving. The Horn of Africa has been having a drought for years.

        True science is never settled? Gravity and the laws of thermodynamics are settled. There are no scientists out there trying to find a different explanation for gravity. Ditto Thermodynamics, that’s as “settled” as you can get. The role of the greenhouse effect on climate has been understood for over 100 years. C02 has been part of all most all climatic events in the history of this planet. No scientist stated that natural disaster “never” happened before our current history. The severity and frequency of those disasters are part of the questions we ask as scientist as to what is happening with our climate.

        1. You are really quite hiarious! Starving people? You forgot to neuropathic governments are killing them. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/world/2017-famines/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.260b0f2fb0e1

          CO2 as a cause for 100 yeats? CO2 has turned the planet pushed and allowed trees and crops to grow even better. Climate has much more to do with the sun than CO2. Lots of REAL climate scientists know it’s a hoax. Explore freedom for a change dude.

  8. Interesting discussion with a IWU student tonight. One of their professors is requiring them to watch this movie and write a 3 page summary. I wonder if they are allowed to disagree? He was not happy about hiring an Uber and wasting a Thursday night on this movie.

  9. YAWN……..More Left wing, Radical propaganda on the taxpayer’s dime. Look into the backgrounds of some of the nut jobs on the governing board of the Normal Theatre. Don’t expect much wholesome or traditional to come from that bunch, dominated by Marxists and deviants. Nothing to see here, business as usual. YAWN.

  10. Don’t forget the leading cause of climate change/warming/whatever was that deplorable Americans elected DJT as president.

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