Normal – 10/5/2020

By: Diane Benjamin Who gets to explain at this meeting why payments can’t be discussed? So far Kevin McCarthy and Kathleen Lorenz have proclaimed they are all in the budget. Place your bets now on who the baton gets passed to for this meeting! Below are a few choice examples nobody can ask about. […]

Normal: Council members prove their worth (minimal)

By:  Diane Benjamin The Council managed to stretch a 10 minute meeting into 50 minutes.  2 members went on long diatribes.  I will start with Karyn Smith.  If you want to hear it – go  to 16:20. The topic was One Normal Plaza.  Karyn felt the need to correct what she thinks is misinformation.  This […]

Uptown News (some additions/changes to the original)

By:  Diane Benjamin This plaque will be dedicated at 10:00 am Saturday on the Normal Plaza.  When City Hall moved years ago they didn’t move the existing plaque with them.  The American Legion decided to leave that one and install a new one: I hear Chris Koos and Dan Brady will be making comments.  Commander […]

Normal: Subsidizing Culture

By:  Diane Benjamin The charts below are from the current Town of Normal budget unless otherwise stated: PDF page 64 – Revenue projections for Children’s Discovery Museum and the Normal Theater PDF page 121 – CDM Expense projections PDF page 123 – Theater Expensive projections Projected Revenue: Children’s Discovery Museum   $1,003,050 Normal Theater   $259,700 […]

Update #2:  Free Film tonight at Normal Theater

Al Gore is in the movie!  His activism on climate change made him filthy rich.  That says it all.  Funny how he didn’t make the preview. From another reader who walked out after an hour – the theme was capitalism doesn’t work.  No surprise there! Another reader claimed an IWU professor required a class to […]

Parka required at the Normal Theater?

By:  Diane Benjamin The Normal Theater is showing classic Christmas movies this month, see the calendar here: Some friends went to see Holiday on Tuesday night.  Air conditioning was blowing on them during the entire movie.  Yes, even with coats they were frozen. One of them asked what she described as the night […]